What to do this weekend in Buenos Aires: activities at the Book Fair and classical music at the Faculty of Law


Book fair 2022: the return of attendance

After two years of pandemic, The Book Fair has reopened and its 46th edition will last 19 days. This Saturday will feature exceptional activities. At the Pavillon Rouge, Florencia Bonelli will present “El Spell del Agua” with Mariana Arias, her latest novel, already the number one seller in the country.

At 6 p.m., as part of the XV International Poetry Festival, “Translate-se: Poets read poets” will be developed, which will bring together a group of renowned poets: Jorge Aulicino, Jorge Fondebrider, Jonio Gonzalez, Ignacio Di Tullio, Inés Garland, Silvia Camerotto. At the same time, the progress of the culture of cancellation will be discussed, with essayist and psychoanalyst Alexandra Kohan and researcher, teacher and journalist Florencia Angiletta, in the Green Pavilion.

Inauguration of the 2022 Book Fair. Photo: Telam

At 6:30 p.m., the cancellation will again be the focus of the debates but in the hands of the French intellectual Caroline Fourest, which will present in the Yellow Pavilion “Offended Generation. From the police of culture to the police of thought”.

Also, this Saturday from 8:00 p.m. the Night of the City of Buenos Aires will take place with free admission until midnight. The city’s Ministry of Culture will offer activities and proposals to the public, including tributes to Manuel Puig on the occasion of his 90th birthday. The main activities will take place on the central stand (Yellow Pavilion), intended for the exhibition and sale of books from a catalog made up of 30 independent publishers.

The price of entry varies depending on the day, monday to thursday it cost $300while the Friday, Saturday and Sunday $450. Tickets are free for students, retirees and teachers.

Metallica and a party at Polo Field

The Metallica show in Argentina is a reality. After two years of pandemic, the long-awaited presentation of the group led by James Hetfield will be this Saturday, April 30 at Campo Argentino de Polo. Greta Van Fleet and Marina Fanges will be the guest artists.

Metallica, in full show in 2016, in New York (Photo: Reuters).
Metallica, in full show in 2016, in New York (Photo: Reuters).

The group will meet their local fans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The black album. Flow customers will be able to enjoy live broadcasts starting at 6 p.m. on channel 605.

The ‘bat-signal’ was lit with ‘The Batman’ on HBO MAX

It’s the newest movie in the DC Universe. The Batman with Robert Pattinson and is presented 10 years after the last superhero film, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

Robert Pattinson plays the new version of Batman.  (Photo: EFE/EPA/JASON SZENES)
Robert Pattinson plays the new version of Batman. (Photo: EFE/EPA/JASON SZENES)

Bruce Wayne has defended the streets of Gotham City for the past two years, but every day he has fewer allies. In this context, an assassin is determined to take down the city’s political elite and begins to rock the community with a series of sadistic murders. He leaves behind a trail of cryptic clues and many puzzles.

This new enemy forces Batman to investigate the underworld of Gotham City. There he will try to find out vital information that seemed to always remain hidden. Directed by Matt Reeves, the cast is completed by Paul Dano (The Riddler) and Zoë Kravitz (Catwoman).

Nicolás Francella and a thriller that has him “in the crosshairs”

This is the debut as the protagonist of Nicolas Francella. here interpret to an employee of call center threatened by a sniper parked in a nearby building. Directed by Ricardo Hornos and Carlos Gil, the film follows Axel, a young man who answers calls from a telecommunications company and she is taken hostage by an angry customer.

Weekend Guide: Activities at the Book Fair and Classical Music at the Faculty of Law

Represented by Puma Goity, the man becomes a kind of “civic vigilante” tired of the obstacles encountered by users when they unsubscribe from a service. The cast is completed by Emilia Attías, Maxi de la Cruz and Paula Reca.

The B-side of the anime is back

Yamato Producciones returns with Anime Events and its first production of the year will take place on Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1. The call “B-SIDE Anime”the B side of pop culture, will take place at the Art Media Complex (Av. Corrientes 6271).

Anime B-Side returns this Saturday and Sunday (Photo: Press)
Anime B-Side returns this Saturday and Sunday (Photo: Press)

The event is proposed as the ideal first date for all Anime, Manga, J-Music, Gaming Lovers and for authentic Japanese cuisine. There will be awesome live shows, cosplay, contests, performers, exhibits, interactive activities and more.

Carmina Burana: the spectacular work of Carl Orff at the Faculty of Law

He is Saturday at 6 p.m. will be developed in UBA Faculty of Law this concert with an orchestra and a large choir of 200 singers, between adults and children. With FREE ENTRYthe roll call is for the Assembly Hall.

As part of the Cycle des Grands Concerts, the Company will be presented Fiat-Arsdirected by Maestro Nicolás Ravelli Barreiro, with the Percussion Ensemble of the Conservatory of the City of Buenos Aires “Astor Piazzolla”.

UBA's Faculty of Law will host the Cycle des Grands Concerts (Photo: Telam).
UBA’s Faculty of Law will host the Cycle des Grands Concerts (Photo: Telam).

will interpret Carmina Burana, the monumental choral work of the German Carl Orff. The soloists Cintia Verna, Jesús Villamizar, Pablo Pintos and the pianists: Beatriz Pedriz, Sandra Federici will participate.

The Japanese Garden celebrates childhood with “Kodomo no Hi”

Saturday April 30 and the Sunday May 1 will be postponed “Kodomo no Hi”, a very important national holiday in Japan. The great objective of this celebration is that children can overcome the difficulties of life and grow up with health, beauty and prosperity.

The Japanese Garden in celebration "Kodomo no Hi" (Photo: Press).
The Japanese Garden celebrates “Kodomo no Hi” (Photo: Press).

Among the activities that will be carried out, there will be a participatory origami workshop for childrenfun exercises for a first approach to karate and even a space to create a samurai helmet”kabuto“Origami.

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