Father Brian Darcy to sign books in Tipperary today


The well-known clerk will be at Bookworm, Liberty Square, Thurles

Father Brian D’Arcy is Ireland’s best-known religious. Over fifty years as a priest, journalist and broadcaster, he has been the most outspoken commentator on topical, religious, social and political issues.

And, he signs his new book – It has to be said – at Bookworm, Thurles Thursday at 3:00 p.m.

His opinions, always frank and honest, have often brought him into conflict with the authorities of the Catholic Church, but despite the personal pain and anguish that such confrontations have caused him, he has never departed from his commitment to stand up and be counted when morality, truth and goodness are under attack.

It must be said that this is his second memoir – an update of his first, “A Different Journey,” and in it he deals in detail with the issue of clergy abuse and the Church’s response to it. this subject. He strongly criticizes what he sees as the Church’s commitment to protect the institution of the Church at the expense of the victim. His public argument with Cardinal Cathal Daly on The Late Late Show and the fallout from it are also directly documented. He recounts how he himself was abused as a young seminarian and the impact this had and continues to have on his life.

Father Brian’s love for music and the showband scene is well known, and he fondly remembers the characters and incidents of a colorful showbiz career as a friend and confidant to the stars. His friendship with the late Terry Wogan, the late Albert Reynolds, Queen Elizabeth and the Clintons is also featured, as are his days as a member of the Jimmy Magee All Stars – a celebrity soccer team that has raised thousands of dollars for a variety of things. charities across the country. .

After fifty years in the priesthood, it must be said that Father Brian reflects on a life consecrated to his ministry in an Ireland where traditional views on subjects such as religion, marriage, sexuality, women priests, l roaming are being challenged like never before. Agree or disagree with him, his opinions, honestly and sincerely, are thought-provoking and a significant contribution to the ongoing debate that shapes modern Ireland.

All are invited to come and meet Father Brian.

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