Weber debate

As Weber State Wildcats, we are proud to celebrate an 88 year old tradition of forensics at our university, making us the longest running co-curricular activity on campus. We are thrilled to be in our new facilities in Elizabeth Hall, where Weber State Debate has more than doubled its square footage.

We are always interested with speaking with any Weber State student — either enrolled or involved in the application process to join us. All majors are welcome. We provide competitive travel opportunities for debaters of any experience level. Scholarships may be available to debaters with high school experience in a research-based competitive debate format (i.e. either team policy debate or Lincoln Douglas debate).

If you are interested, but have no previous experience, then enroll in Weber State’s Argumentation and Debate course housed in the Department of Communication. Argumentation and Debate is taught by Omar G. Guevara, the Director of Forensics, every Fall (day) and Spring (night) semesters. You can visit the course web site by clicking this link: COMM2270 webpage.

Leave us your email address, and let us know you are interested. We’ll send you recruitment information, answer any questions you may have about the program and let you know of any upcoming recruiting events being hosted.

We would also love to hear from alumni, so that we can keep you updated on the program’s successes. Please leave us your email address. Also, join us on the Weber State Debate Facebook page and make this page a Facebook favorite.