Words exchanged after pastor calls for books about gender identity to be banned

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) – Developing in Harrison County, a southern Mississippi pastor is pushing to ban certain books from county libraries.

The debate turned into a full-blown argument outside a library on Monday.

A war of words erupted outside the West Biloxi Library minutes after Pastor Blair Bradley addressed the Harrison County Library Systems Board.

The pastor made it clear that he wanted children’s books dealing with sexual orientation and gender identity removed from the shelves.

“We are as kindly asking as we know how the library will be reasonable and not target children with transgender lifestyles,” Bradley said.

Moments after making that statement, the pastor was forced to defend his position.

“What we do with men who date little girls, we put them in jail and we don’t accept the argument that they just had a different kind of love. What does this have to do with the LGBTQ community? Excuse me, excuse me. What do men dating little girls have to do with the LGBTQ display in the library, sir? said Lea Campbell of the Mississippi Rising Coalition.

The heated discussion lasted nearly an hour without either side giving ground.

“I don’t find it reasonable not to post literature based on someone else’s perception of what it might convey,” the Dara Sierra Patrol said.

“Children are prohibited. They must be children. They need to run and play. They have to run, play, grow, be happy and mature before making such serious decisions,” Bradley said.

The Harrison County Library Systems Board didn’t ban any books at the meeting, but it’s clear that argument won’t be settled anytime soon.

“Tell me where these people are wrong. In the sight of God, tell me some kind of scripture in your book and tell me where these people are wrong,” patrolman Quentin Sierra said.

“Leviticus 18,” Bradley replied.

“Leviticus 18 is disgusting,” Sierra said. “I don’t think anyone thinks they should have sex with their grandmother, mother or stepmother. I know Leviticus chapter 18.

“Well, quote it,” Bradley said.

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