Whitmer to Dixon: “Do you really think books are more dangerous than guns?”


The governor reiterated her support for wildly popular proposals to address gun violence, such as requiring background checks and passing secure storage laws and ‘red flag’ laws to keep guns out of the hands people who pose a danger to themselves or others.

“Ask yourself who is going to keep your children safe: the former district attorney with plans or a candidate with thoughts and prayers?” said Whitmer.

Dixon said she wanted to require a single point of entry for school buildings and armed security guards in schools. “I don’t want our kids to be in a ‘sitting duck zone’ where the only person with a gun is the shooter who is going to kill himself,” Dixon said.

Whitmer replied, “There was a shooting at a school in Missouri yesterday in a district that had exactly what she just described: an entry point, armed guards in the school, and people died. “

The two also argued over recently released standardized test scores data that shows Michigan — like most states — has seen a drop in student performance amid the pandemic. Dixon called Michigan “the bottom 10 states.”

Whitmer added: “The problem is that if Ms Dixon is elected, she and her biggest funder, Betsy DeVos, will write the education budget. And their plan is to take half a billion dollars out of our public school system. If you want to get kids to the Top 10 in literacy, draining the school aid fund won’t get us there.

Campaign records released this week show a DeVos family-backed super-PAC pumped $6.3 million into the Dixon campaign.

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