What viewers thought of the latest presidential debate

“I know what Trump is going to do. As for Biden, he’s all over what he’s going to do, he says one thing and then denies saying it. He pretty much put his foot in his mouth last night. plus, i can’t vote for someone who tells the american people we don’t deserve to know what he’s doing with the courts. trump isn’t perfect but he gets things done and he will get my vote.

“I thought Trump was an EMBARRATION when he said that only those with the ‘lowest IQ’ show up in court when they apply for asylum. It’s absolutely disgusting and ignorant to say of people who have turned up. fighting for a better life for themselves and their families. Trump was disrespectful, downright lied many times and just a nightmare to watch. I screamed on my phone. I cried once. “

Deb Bergeson-Graham, Greendale, Wisconsin

“I thought the debate was boring and somewhat boring. I didn’t hear anything particularly new… just a lot of the same old lies from the outgoing president. I thought the answer to the last question would have been enough. don’t answer it. Biden did and very well. “

Pedro Buenas, Miami, Florida

“I think Trump was more efficient, Biden was articulate but came across as weak.”

Jaye King, Antioch, Tennessee

“The part about the kids was so cruel, how can DT sleep at night. It’s too bad these DT men, Jeff Sessions &… (Rosenstein) separated the kids from their parents, imagine how they would feel if someone was “taking” their children from them – utter barbaric behavior and no compassion or shame! “

Silvio Pionatto, Silver Spring, Maryland

“They are both, for different reasons, unfit for work, they are both hiding facts from us, they both put their personal ambitions above” Us, the people “, they have not succeeded to impress me with their empty promises, this time I will be forced to opt for a sign-up option. My conscience does not allow me to give my vote to one or the other. “

Sue, Chicago

“I’m against lies and 100% conspiracy theories, so it wasn’t until a minute ago that I realized that Trump was going to play the same old ‘woe to me’ fiddle. Biden defined ideas and plans for the future. Trump has attacked, blamed and verbalized his fantasies about the future he wants with no plans to get there (virus). Biden won hands down. “

Carmine Piccirillo, New Jersey

“Politicians pretend they have a plan for everything. Unfortunately, they never give you all the details of what that plan might look like. Business leaders know how to develop and execute plans as well as business plans. urgency. Talking is cheap, action speaks volumes. “

Barbara Dunstan, Houston, Texas

‘Trump and his lies. He’s a pathological liar. Children separated from their parents – inexcusable. Trump is not America. The response to Covid-19 was also inexcusable. Its response to forest fires is another inexcusable. The state did not vote for him, so it was not going to help him. New York is the same. “

Liam, Indiana

“Trump won. He had to stay calm and presidential. He achieved both goals!”

Andrew, Edwardsville, Pennsylvania

“While Trump has reigned in more than the first debate, the empathy and character that Biden shows is just ahead of what Trump might hope to have.”

Darrenn Canton, Louisville, Kentucky

“Very few details from the president on what he would actually do in a second term. I came away unimpressed with his responses.”

Steve Schrage, Iowa

“Again, he says he (Trump) has a health ‘plan.’ It’s been almost 4 years and no plan. Trump’s only plan is to eliminate everything that bears Obama’s name.”

Lindsey, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I thought it was very measured, but I think Joe Biden still had a lot of highlights, when Donald Trump’s arguments were mostly based on lies.”

Mark, North Carolina

“To be honest, I thought Trump was pretty impressive. Not the jerk he’s been described as being.”

Margaret Arnett, Decatur, Georgia

“Biden is clearly the adult in the room and actually has full plans for the future. Trump appeared to be the toddler who had been threatened within an inch of his life by his parents to behave or he would be in trouble when we got home! ‘ I can’t wait to have a president who speaks the truth. The past four years have been exhausting. “

Chris Colbeck, Michigan

“GOD HELP US! Hard to believe in a country where we have sent men to the moon and rovers to Mars that we are proposing these two as presidential candidates. liars. If we invented the iPhone, the electronic cars, the stealth technology, why are we dumping the bottom of the barrel for the leadership of our country. Washington DC is a shame, term limits have to be set and ordinary people have to show up for office, eliminate the need for millions of dollars, and get the mechanics, cooks, waitresses, teachers to take the job and lead. “

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