US sanctions three “hijackers for hire” for illegal activities

The US Department of Justice has sanctioned three “hire hackers” working for a company in the United Arab Emirates to “Abu Dhabi’s advantage”. As part of the legal settlement in the United States, the three suspects are expected to pay a sum of $ 1.68 million. All three, the US Department of Justice said, provided “zero click” hacking services to the UAE company that could “compromise a device without any action from the target.”

Cybercrime in the United States has seen a dramatic increase in recent months with millions of people affected just two months ago after Miami-based Kaseya Technologies was compromised by a group of Russian hackers. However, unlike the above, this hack was aimed at helping the UAE administration to remain vigilant, according to Al Jazeera. Later in a statement, Acting Deputy Attorney General Mark Lesko called for the prosecution of the suspects – Marc Aier, Ryan Adams and Daniel Gerikcke – and added that they had been warned by law enforcement.

“Hackers and those who otherwise support such activities in violation of US law should fully expect to be prosecuted for their criminal conduct. If left unregulated, the proliferation of offensive cyber capabilities undermines privacy and security around the world, ”he said.

Kaseya attack

On July 2, a computer network management tool from Kesaya, a Florida-based IT company, was the target of a new round of cyber attacks. Kaseya describes itself as a leading provider of IT and security management services to small and midsize businesses, meaning an attack would make them targets ahead of the Independence Day holiday weekend in the states. -United. “We are very cautiously investigating the root cause of the incident, but we recommend that you immediately shut down your VSA server until you receive further notification from us,” Kaseya said in a message shared on social networks. “Later, hackers suspected of being behind a ransomware attack on Kaseya demanded US $ 70 million to restore the data they hold, according to a post on a dark website. was posted on a blog commonly used by the cybercrime gang REvil, a group of Russian-based hackers were among the most prolific extortionists in the world.

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