UDST organizes the “Festival of Clubs” to engage students in extracurricular activities

Doha University for Science and Technology (UDST) has organized its “Festival of Clubs”, an event that takes place at the beginning of each fall and winter semester to encourage student participation in extracurricular activities .
The Student Engagement Department, a division of student affairs, coordinates the event with students from each club who are encouraged to decorate their booths and find attractive ways to attract new members to their clubs.
The event takes a “by students, for students” approach, which provides students with the opportunity to participate in student life activities, share ideas, and create memorable activities and performances. Extracurricular activities such as these provide students with the opportunity to expand their networks, communicate professionally, and develop new skills and talents.
Dr. Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST, described the event as a bridge that creates more interaction among students and contributes to their personal and professional growth.
He added, “UDST takes a student-centered approach, so we aim to provide our students with a holistic experience that supports their development, builds their character, and enhances their creativity and innovation. The various clubs founded at the university also reflect students’ interest in being active outside the classroom while pursuing their academic life.
UDST students can create their own club or join an existing one. The list of clubs is long and reflects the great involvement of the UDST management in the creation of extracurricular activities that meet the aspirations of students and their interests.
Some of the clubs are: Photography Club, Music Club, Volunteer Club, Art Club, Debating Club, Deen Club (Religion), Toastmasters Club, Four Paws Club (Wellness animal), the drama club, the environment club, the book club and the Best Buddies club. New clubs were also created this semester and include the Qatar Student Association, Filmmakers Club, Fan Club and Cooking Club.

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