The trans debate shows that we are all supremacists

Why did Lia Thomas bother to change her name?

According to gender studies specialists, this was not strictly necessary. A trans woman does not need vaginoplasty or breast implants. He doesn’t even have to wear robes. He doesn’t need to date men or watch Downton Abbey or blend into traffic without checking your blind spots. These are all socially constructed ideas about femininity. Trans women do not have to conform to these sexist and patriarchal norms. femininity is a state of mind.

The question, of course, is: what kind of state? The LGBT lobby refuses to answer this question. The official line is that anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman. If Hugh Jackman walked out today and said, “Oi, man, I’m a sheila,” he’d be a sheila. Just dinkum.

So it’s completely normal that Mr. Thomas does not take estrogen, date with women, has a penis… normal boy things. The name change was free. And what is long hair? Ace Ventura could find a better disguise.

But have you noticed the complete absence of Lia Thomas’ hardcore supporters? Not a single person falls into the trap of his cunning (except Matt Schlapp, who would fall in love with Kim Jong-un if he paid cash). Everyone knows he’s lying. But the left cannot admit it. Because once you’ve established certain criteria for demystifying a trans woman – having a penis, etc. – you have set a precedent.

So calling Mr. Thomas would be a disaster for the LGBT lobby. What many commentators missed, however, was that it would also be a disaster for feminists.

Third-wave feminism decided that it was sexist to notice a difference between men and women. They said men and women should be treated equally at home, at work, in politics, at school, and even in the military. In fact, the existence of any gender inequality was evidence of sexism. At least 50% of senators, scientists and CEOs should be women. Otherwise, blame the patriarchy.

For example, couldn’t the gender pay gap be explained by the fact that men work longer and pursue more dangerous careers? Isn’t it relevant that single, childless women actually earn After than single, childless men? Nope! It’s the boys’ club.

Admitting that Lia Thomas is a better swimmer because he’s a guy would shatter the transgender myth. It would also be to admit, not only that men and women are differentbut that men tend to be better to certain things that women.

Watch the “battle of the sexes”: the infamous 1998 tennis match between Karsten Braasch and the Williams sisters. Braasch – a heavy drinker and chain smoker was ranked 203 for men – faced the queens of women’s tennis alone. After playing a round of golf and settling into the clubhouse, he showed up to the game and defeated Serena and Venus in quick succession.

Our instinct is to say, “Well, Serena and Venus are still great…for women!” It sounds condescending, probably because it is. But what else can we do? Well, we could agree that female athletes always perform at a lower level than male athletes.

Similarly, the Marine Corps has lower standards for female fitness. Why? Because if the She-Marines were to perform at the same level as the He-Marines, there would be no She-Marines at all. So why not accept the lower percentage of women? Because the patriarchy. But why not lower the standards for men then? Well, because we still need elite warriors to kill our enemies.

But we are not allowed to talk about these facts. In fact, you really aren’t supposed to notice any difference between men and women. The only exception is if it reflects women well. Hillary Clinton can say that countries with women leaders fared better during Covid because women are more ‘inclusive’ and ’empathetic’. But if you said that men are therefore more discriminating and rational in their judgment, that would be sexist.

Once feminism declared war on biology, transgender naturally followed. A woman can be anything a man can be, even a man. This is why Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t define the word “woman” at all. She’s not allowed to.

I hear a feminist say, “Well, Serena and Venus would make cream you with arms tied behind your back! And I bet you couldn’t face one of these female Marines in a fight. To which I reply: you are probably right!

Hey, there are a lot of people in this world who are stronger, tougher, smarter, faster, taller and more beautiful than me. You’re not insulting me, and I’m not just modest. It is a fact. If there is such a thing in the world as a Übermensch, It is not me. It doesn’t make me any less valuable as a human being.

That, I think, is the real subject of this debate. As much as we like to congratulate ourselves on being “progressive,” we’re all stuck in the nineteenth century. Basically, we are still phrenologists and eugenicists. We always measure a person’s worth by their intelligence, strength, or “shape.”

It’s the same with race. Between 2014 and 2018, alt-right trolls unleashed Collective panic on the left citing statistics saying white people have a higher average IQ than black people. And you know what? It may be true. But who cares ? I am white and there are millions of black people all over the world who have a higher IQ than me. That doesn’t make them better than me. It just makes them smarter.

Additionally, Asians have the highest IQ of any race. This does not make them the master race. Suffice to say that (American) Indians are superior because they never have to shave. You might as well say Indians (Indians) are superior because they have the highest tolerance for spicy foods. These are all good things! But they don’t make anyone better than anyone else.

We are all supremacists of one sort or another. We all believe that some people are superior to others because of some innate trait. It may not be skin color. Maybe it’s intelligence, or strength, or attractiveness. If so, maybe you are sexist. Maybe you think women are inferior to men because they’re (on average) not as good at playing tennis or doing sea things as men. And maybe you are a racist. Maybe you think that blacks are inferior to whites, and whites are inferior to Asians, because of their (average) scores on certain tests.

To me, that seems a bit silly.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s good to be smart, strong, attractive, etc. (At least it looks fun.) These are desirable qualities. Some are born with them, and that’s good luck. We can all cultivate them by reading good books, keeping fit, wearing a tie, etc. I just don’t see why this has to be a contest.

Besides, I’m a Christian. I believe that every human life is equally and infinitely as precious as every other human life, because each of us is created in the image and likeness of God. I guess I’m old fashioned that way. But at least I know what “woman” means.

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