The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2022 presents Odyssey of Revenge

“Revenge, Desire, and Injustice: How Far Will You Go for Revenge?”

In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between big and small issues, because the issues regarding the treatment of people are all the same.

-Albert Einstein

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 6, 2022 / — Lowell Alan Stratton has released his new book Odyssey of Revenge, realistic fiction that explores the personal emotions of angst, hate, anger and despair in the face of tragedy and death. He also highlighted the interpersonal conflict that uncovers the variety of constant debate over the validity of revenge as a human condition and the intrapersonal conflict that has ensnared one’s social being and the threats that cannot be resolved.

The book centers on the desire for revenge and revenge that suddenly intrudes into the otherwise placid life of the Spencer family. Often seen as an abstraction, they become reality with the death of a beautiful young teenager. Each person struggles with the personal definition of what it means to get retribution in their minds and on a larger scale of daily life in a small Southern town. Friendships are challenged. Political power and personal greed are the dark and sometimes violent causes of the chaos and misery that everyone experiences. What would someone do in the face of a travesty of stolen justice and the murder of an innocent brother? The dishonor left their family devastated. Trust is violated on many levels. The corruption of the criminal justice system has been ignored and blindsided even by senior officials. Social order prevailed – the only way to stop corruption is to work normally.

Now residing in western Colorado, Lowell Alan Stratton is a retired physician who specialized in family medicine before devoting the second half of his career to child, adolescent and adult psychiatry in New Zealand. He also wrote the book Glimpses of Life Forty Years.

Odyssey of Vengeance
Written by: Lowell Alan Stratton
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