Terrorist Activities: Growing Spread of Terrorism in Africa is a Matter of Serious Concern: India at the UN

India on Tuesday expressed serious concern over the growing spread of terrorism in Africa, saying these terrorist forces and groups are receiving encouragement from member states seeking to divide communities by legitimizing terrorist activity.

“Terrorism is a clear manifestation of how forces hostile to unity and diversity can seek to destroy the social cohesion and democratic fabric of countries by fomenting, among other things, disaffection, hatred and violence” said Minister of State for Foreign Affairs V. Muraleedharan.

Addressing the UN Security Council’s high-level public debate on “Peacebuilding and peacekeeping: diversity, statebuilding and peacemaking,” Muraleedharan said the growing spread terrorism in Africa is a matter of grave concern.

“What is even more regrettable is that these terrorist forces and groups receive the encouragement of member states which seek to divide communities by legitimizing terrorist activities,” he said during the public debate organized under the Presidency. Kenyan.

He said the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (GCTS) has clearly reinforced yet again that terrorism cannot be justified under any pretext and that no country should provide an excuse for such activities.

“It is equally important that United Nations organizations take the STAG as a model and do not give any encouragement or excuse, even indirectly, to member states’ efforts to justify terrorism in any way. ”

Muraleedharan said during the public debate that “when we deal with countries emerging from conflict and entering into peacebuilding, the establishment of a strong legal framework as well as the building of credible institutions based on sound principles are essential.

“It will also ensure that diversity is protected and that inclusiveness is encouraged. We must encourage donor countries that generously contribute to peacebuilding in Africa and other regions to ensure that countries emerging from conflict are able to put in place a lasting framework that resists conflict. test of time, ”he said.

Noting that the challenge will always be to make compromises between the immediate and the long term, Muraleedharan said that “we believe that the United Nations system as a whole should work closely with Member States and regional organizations in accordance with their national requirements and needs and not advocate the imposition of ideas for solutions from outside.

He stressed that now is the time to consider peacebuilding in a broader context and in a more targeted manner, especially in the context of the COVID pandemic, which threatens to erode the gains we have made. over the years.

He told the debate that India has always played a constructive and important role in the context of peacebuilding through its broad development partnership with developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia and with LDCs. , PDSLs and SIDS.

India has helped and continues to assist countries bilaterally in post-conflict situations by providing them with substantial grants and soft loans, he said.

In addition to focusing on infrastructure, particularly housing, education and health, on connectivity, on the provision of livelihoods for people affected by conflict, especially in agriculture, and on projects at the local level, which have a direct impact on people’s lives, India also offers extensive education training and capacity building, including vocational and computer training, with particular focus on young people, a- he declared.

“We will continue to be a pillar of strength for all developing countries in their transition to development, progress and prosperity,” said Muraleedharan.

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