Sportsmanship provides opportunities for children to participate in developmental activities

By James Jeffrey

December saw a very diverse climax to the year with two big events for Stroud Elementary Schools.

The events showed the wide range of activities available to youngsters, sportability giving children the chance to take part in developmental activities in the form of a circuit, helping their accuracy in aiming at targets, team building , throwing, table cricket, speed in collection in the parachute, dragging new age kurling stones to targets and many more disciplines. This event was attended by Rodborough, Gastrells and Minchinhampton schools who all recorded scores in the 1000s!

With the Commonwealth Games being held in Birmingham this year, the debating competition used the event as a topic of debate, with the main case being what legacy the games should be when finished.

Minchinhampton, Thrupp and Rodborough presented their cases with quality content and delivery. Economic benefit, ecological legacy and increased physical activity were the debatable legacies and after deliberation among the judges at Archway Sixth Form School, it was decided that Thrupp Primary would win the gold medal for the debate over the legacy of increased physical activity with Minchinhampton in second and Rodborough in third. The schools were commended for their research into their respective debate approaches and the confidence with which they delivered and responded to their debate.

Both events were brilliantly supported by Year 6 students from Archway School and hosted by Wycliffe College and the Museum in the Park respectively.

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