Seek God’s intervention in our political activities, BWI tells Nigerians

Ibrahim Babangida, a former military head of state, said Nigerians should seek God’s intervention to guide the country’s political activities.

Babangida said this on Tuesday when speaking with reporters in Minna, Niger’s capital, as part of activities to commemorate his birthday.

The former head of state will have 81 on August 17, 2022.

In his remarks, he also urged Nigerians to continue to believe in the unity of the country and to remain committed to seeing things get better.

“I implore us to be patient with each other and pray for God’s intervention in our socio-economic and political activities,” he said.

“We must continue to educate people on how to live in peace and harmony for peace, progress and continued existence as a nation.”

He also advised the media to support efforts to promote the country’s unity.

“You should make more deliberate efforts to change the Nigerian narrative. If the media and journalists ignore the hate-spreaders, they won’t have a platform to get their messages across,” he said.

“You are doing enough to promote the unity of the country. You can change the psyche of Nigerians.

“I implore you to ignore those who preach hatred and disunity. Ignore them and don’t worry about them. This can only be done through objective reporting and I love the ongoing debate in the media.

“It gives people the insight they need to see. What the media are doing now is very good.

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