Representatives call on IGP to investigate armed militia activities in Ebonyi

On Thursday, the House of Representatives urged the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to investigate the activities of armed militias in Ebonyi State and expressed grave concern over the activities of armed militias in the state. from Ebonyi.

Lawmakers expressed their concern during the debate on a motion of urgent public importance on the “urgent need to stop the deterioration of the security situation in Ebonyi State”, sponsored by the Ebonyi caucus, namely : Hon Igariwey Enwo Iduma (PDP, Ebonyi), Hon. Ogbaga Sylvester, Hon. Nwazuku Chukwuma, Hon. Edwin Anayo and Hon Makwe Livinus Makwe.

In his main debate, Hon. Igariwey, who alleged that the armed militia was set up by the state government, observed that the group unleashed terror on the citizens.

While expressing his displeasure with the prevailing security situation in the state, the lawmaker argued that things have gotten worse since the introduction of the armed militia called “Ebubeagu”.

He also lamented how these militiamen are also used by influential individuals to harass perceived political enemies.


“The Chamber is concerned that members of this militia are armed with AK-47s, AK-49s, shotguns, axes and machetes and other dangerous weapons, without any professional training on the use and deployment of these weapons.”

Spiked by the allegation, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila said: “Does this have the color of the state? Are you sure it’s by state? »

In his response, Hon. Igariwey said, “Yes, the state actually put that in place. We are aware that members of this armed militia sometimes wear masks to cover their faces, set up roadblocks in various parts of the states, instilling fear in the minds of citizens who often mistake them for armed robbers.

“The Chamber is concerned that members of this militia have no known rules of engagement and have become willing tools for all sorts of nefarious activities, ranging from debt collection to unlawful arrests, assaults, to torture and murder.

“The Chamber is further concerned that this armed militia allegedly have detention centers where victims are detained and tortured.

“The Chamber is aware that their activities of the Ebubeagu Militia seriously interfere and undermine the operational activities of regular security agencies such as the Nigerian Police and Civil Defence.

“The House is aware that during this week, specifically two days ago, the same Ebebeagu militia group sought to arrest and possibly injured a former member of this House, the Honorable Linus Okorie, even though he has not committed any crime, he has been declared wanted and he is hiding from place to place.

According to him, “Over the past few weeks, innocent citizens have been attacked and some killed in cold blood by the Ebubeagu militia, such as the recent murder of Nnaugo Akpoke Ani Anyim in Akaeze, Ivo Local Government Area; Ele Ama and Eric Ukpai from Akpoha in Afikpo-Nord Local Government Area; and Phillips Nworogbo of Amegu Izzi in Abakaliki Local Government Area who was shot dead by Ebubeagu and later had his limbs amputated; while others like Chika Nwoba and Ibiam Ibiam Jnr. were assaulted, dehumanized and tortured.

“The Chamber is concerned that unless urgent action is taken by the federal authorities, there could be a complete breakdown of law and order in Ebonyi State, as armed members of Ebubeagu continue their reign of terror over the citizens of Ebonyi as individuals, groups and communities prepare to defend themselves in retaliatory attacks,” he noted.

In his decision, the Hon. Gbajabiamila mandated the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Mr. Ben Akabueze, to ensure that the resolution is immediately transmitted to the police inspector.

In a bid to meet the challenge, the Chamber urged the Inspector General of Police to investigate all reported attacks and killings in Ebonyi State by the Ebubeagu militia.

The House also instructed the Office of National Security and Intelligence to investigate the licensing status of various weapons such as shotguns, AK-47s and other automatic weapons that are freely used by the Ebubeagu militia in Ebonyi State.

To that end, the House has mandated the Joint Committees on Policing and National Security and Intelligence Affairs to ensure compliance.

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Representatives call on IGP to investigate armed militia activities in Ebonyi

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