QatarDebate expands its activities in American universities


Doha: In order to strengthen relations with the most prestigious American universities, QatarDebate (QD), a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, sent a delegation to the United States of America to expand the international sphere of debate and with deliberate measures to complement its plans and projects with several prestigious universities.

The delegation visited universities in the United States of America, starting with a mini Arabic debating tournament hosted by Harvard University.

This trip is part of the outreach program, which is one of the important pillars of QatarDebate’s mission, and the visit included distinguished meetings with prestigious universities in the United States of America: the University of Louisville, Kentucky, which has 12 colleges in science, engineering, liberal arts, human development, and law, is a longstanding American university founded in 1798, with more than 21,000 students studying for their bachelor’s, master’s, and of doctorate.

Indiana University, headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, is one of the most outstanding universities in America and has 9 branches.

Abdulrahman Al Subaie, Director of Programs at QatarDebate, said, “QD’s business is exceptional in terms of supporting debate resources, courses, and the partnerships it builds with universities that have a US and global presence.

These universities are home to many young people with ambitions to learn the art of debate in Arabic, and QD is a beacon of knowledge that attracts debaters through the various events and activities it plans and manages and through partnerships with scientific and cultural institutions.

Al Subaie added: “This visit was accompanied by a new qualitative leap in offering educational programs and courses in American universities as well as a continuation of previous efforts initiated by QD, the center already offers academic courses in other universities that may also be offered to the universities of Louisville and Indiana, including exchanging views on past championships and discussing future proceedings and programs.

Regarding the results of the visit, Al Subaie said, “A number of projects have been agreed by Qatar Debate with universities, including a course that focuses on debating skills, critical thinking, analysis of global issues and coexistence promoted through dialogue through support programs at both universities in multiple languages, including Arabic, through which cultural events will be organized to exchange course feedback, exchange knowledge and training information and communicate with their counterparts in different countries around the world, there are ongoing programs in coordination between the two universities and QatarDebate.

The QatarDebate team has offered the universities the jersey of the official team of Qatar participating in the Qatar World Cup 2022, which is being held for the first time in the Arab world and will start, God willing, on November 20.

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