Palisade hosts the first Student Leadership Summit

On a cool weekend in mid-October, the place to be is Palisade High School, as they hosted the first of three CHSAA Student Leadership Summits. Summits are a series of regional student leadership events, designed to create opportunities for high school leaders to share best practices for event planning, exchange leadership content, hear motivating speakers and networking.

The student leaders at Palisade High School have done a great job putting together a program filled with the above. As we made our way to the gym for the opening session, music filled the morning air. The students were on the floor dancing to songs that sounded more like a high school dance than a traditional leadership event. Micah Frahzo, Senior and Current State Representative of CHSAA Palisade, did a fantastic job as the lead host and moderator for the day. His humor, laid back demeanor and passion for leadership were evident from the moment we stepped into the building. Frazho was joined in hosting duties by fellow Bulldog Desi Lopez (11e grade), who enjoyed the event because all of their student staff were prepared and ready to deal with any major issues.

Students at Manitou Springs High School led the crowd in silly songs, which brought back so many memories of pre-pandemic CHSAA leadership events. It was hard not to laugh out loud as I watched the students navigate the milk song. Alice Stoneback, CHSAA Student Leadership Advisory Chair and Manitou Springs Leadership Advisor, led the group in team building activities.

The day went very well for both the students and the counselors. Throughout the day, the counselors were able to come together and share some of the great things that are happening in their schools as well as some of the areas they found of concern. In student and advisor meetings, there was a lot of talk about how business is going, post-COVID. With much of the discussion centered on how the activities gave students opportunities to belong, grow and learn, this information was well received by all participants.

Speaking with the Palisade student leader after the summit, it was clear that they were well prepared for this event and it helped their council come together in a way they might not have without it. ‘Home. The students explained how relying on each other for a bigger event meant so much and how it was the first fall leadership event for many students in their program.

We also talked about the importance for one of our peaks to be on the West Slope. While the Palisade students spoke about the importance of hosting CHSAA events on their side of the state, they also spoke about the fun times they look forward to when they travel to the Denver metro area. or anywhere along the Front Range. According to them, there is always something fun about staying in a hotel, eating at a local restaurant, and networking with students from other schools.

Overall, the Summit was a great opportunity for us to have Colorado student leaders in the same building. Thanks to Dave Carlo (the Palisade High School Student Leadership Advisor) and the Palisade High School administration for hosting the first summit of the 2021-2022 school year.

If your school is interested in hosting or participating in a Student Leadership Summit, please email Rashaan Davis ([email protected]) or Sandra Williamson ([email protected]) for information.

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