No mass PN meeting for Independence Day activities

The Nationalist Party will not hold a mass meeting as part of its traditional annual activities marking Independence Day, MaltaToday has informed.

In fact, activities leading up to September 20 and 21 – when the holiday celebrates Malta’s independence from the UK in 1964 – will be quite subdued and will not take place in Floriana’s attics, but in a nearby area, a senior said a party official.

The same official said the party would not invite regional or sectoral committees to set up food stalls or information booths, as had been the norm for many years, but would instead focus on “raising” the level of activities.

MaltaToday is informed that journalist Dione Borg has been commissioned to organize a debate and that it will most likely be held under the Independence Day monument. But it is not yet known what other activities are planned, if any.

Questions sent to PN General Secretary Michael Piccinino went unanswered, while the party’s director of information said the party was still working on the program and would release it once finalized.

It is not the first time in recent years that the party has chosen not to hold major activities. In fact, the last full mass granary meeting took place in 2018, when PN leader Adrian Delia addressed a crowd that was visibly smaller than the number the party used to draw in the past.

Activities that year also included entertainment by cover bands ‘Coldplay’ and ‘Queen’, the Independence Day song festival, a teen party and sports activities, and talks. policies with the participation of the leader Adrian Delia held in the space of five days.

The following year, only activities outside the headquarters of the PN were organized. Then in 2020 the country followed lockdown measures to fight COVID-19, although Delia and Bernard Grech held their own mass meetings as they campaigned ahead of the leadership election. .

In 2021, Grech, as the new leader, held a meeting on the attics, but it was limited to a small area, with attendees required to remain seated and socially distanced.

Party members on social media expressed disappointment at the lack of planned activities.

Bernard Grech is currently on summer vacation as part of an overland trip to Europe, and is expected to return around September 13. Its newly elected deputy leader, Alex Perici Calascione, represented the party at activities organized by sectoral and regional committees around Malta and Gozo.

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