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“I represent the school to have an activity-based state budget,” Akkermann said in an interview on the morning show “Terevisioon,” adding that it allows for debate on how much to contribute to teaching. general, higher education, medicine, social services. etc

“That’s the level we could discuss in the Riigikogu, going through the topics. The alternative is how many people work, how much they get paid, how many pens to buy, or whether offices will be rented or built. is not really the horizon of the parliament and must remain at the operational management level,” Akkermann suggested.

The new finance minister, who stressed throughout the interview that she had read and understood the draft 2023 budget, disagreed with the host’s suggestion that detailed spending is hidden somewhere at the bottom of the current budget, causing confusion as to how much money is being spent. .

“We need some level of generalization in Riigikogu. We cannot count pens in parliament. People in the budget ministry have come a long way in the past three years, and I’m sure they can go further.”

Akkermann said she was also a proponent of more conservative fiscal policy. She described Estonia’s 2.6% budget deficit as close to the limit, with the EU allowing a deficit of 3%. The minister added that extraordinary circumstances, in particular a war raging 1,000 kilometers away and forcing Estonia to strengthen its national defense, are affecting the state budget this year. She also pointed to soaring energy prices and its effect on the budget through support measures.

The minister would try to boost state revenue in the 2024 state budget if she were to continue in office after the parliamentary elections next year. Continued inflation should increase tax revenues, while Estonia will need to carefully consider how much its spending can increase and how much it can reduce its borrowing burden.

Akkermann told “Aktuaalne kaamera” on Tuesday evening that she had criticized the so-called Riigikogu protection money or direct regional investments in the past and that she remains against the practice today, and that she does not see no problem in the way his predecessor was elected to represent Estonia in the European Court of Auditors. Opposition EKRE MP Mart Helme filed a criminal complaint on Tuesday regarding Pentus-Rosimannus’ ECA request.

Former Finance Minister Keit Pentus Rosimannus on Tuesday announced his resignation as minister and from political life. President Alar Karis nominated Annely Akkermann on Wednesday morning, after Reformers filed her candidacy on Tuesday.

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