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By Ifham Nizam

Plans are underway to “streamline” the electricity tariff soon, Ceylon Electricity Board chairman MMC Ferdinando said, adding that the 52-year-old system should be changed for the benefit of the electricity consumer.

The head of the CEB said The Island CEB tariffs need to be changed to better reflect usage and consumer income level. Ferdinando added that he had already informed President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Ferdinanado said that currently waste and corruption on the part of CEB has also been added to the consumer bill.

He said CEB received 1500 MT of fuel yesterday and will receive another shipment soon. However, short-term power outages would continue in several areas until Kelanitissa power station operations return to normal.

“Power cuts are an annoyance and we are looking for solutions. We too want to provide an uninterrupted power supply to our customers. Our hydropower generation capacity is low as the water levels in the reservoirs are falling,” he said.

CEB Systems Control Department officials said power outages could occur for an hour and a half due to problems at the Kelanitissa thermal power station complex.

CEB’s media spokesman, additional chief executive Andrew Navamani, said the national grid had lost 282MW due to problems at the Kelanitissa thermal power station. He said the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation had informed the CEB that the necessary fuel stocks for the Kelanitissa power station would be provided by last night.

However, it would take several hours to start the generators, he said.

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