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McAuliffe doesn’t think parents should have a say in such matters

Stacy Langton is furious. She stepped on the podium at the September 23 school board meeting to testify about two books in her child’s school library, when she was interrupted by school board president Stella Pekarsky.

The books she spoke about that night contain explicit pornographic content. In addition to the graphic language in the books, there are also illustrations that include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation, and nudity.

As Pekarsky interrupted Langton, preventing him from completing his remarks, Springfield District member Laura Jane Cohen claimed there were children in the audience. Other spectators present confirmed that this was not true. Even if they had been watching the streaming platform, all of the young students would likely have been in bed by then since school board meetings start at 7 p.m. and Langton’s testimony lasted over an hour. after the start of the meeting. Many in the community have since questioned how it was apparently acceptable for the book to be in school libraries, but it should not be read aloud when children may be in the audience.

“Don’t interrupt my time,” Langton told the board. “I will stay here until my time is restored and my time is up.” According to school board policy, a community member will be given two minutes of uninterrupted time when selected to speak to the board. Before Langton’s time was up, Pekarsky spoke above her and tried to introduce the next speaker.

“It’s not the reception you should be getting when it’s the topic,” Langton said in an interview. She said a display in the Fairfax High School library was great. “There were a lot of books. I just took a quick glance at the screen, I would bet there is a high probability that there are other pornographic books in the library as well.

Even after Pekarsky muted her microphone, Langton began to read the Virginia 18.2-376 code, which she said the school board was violating. “It will be illegal for anyone to knowingly… post… any notice or advertisement of any obscene article…” she read. Amid public taunts against the council, several council members immediately stood up and left the stage for a 5-minute break. As the board members moved around, the public called for the arrest of the school board members.

Providence District School Board Member Karl Frisch, a gay man who has no children, took time out from recess to post on Twitter: “It’s not every week that the school board receives two exorcisms during public comments. To be clear, nothing will disrupt our board’s commitment to LGBTQIA + students, families and staff. Nothing. “Frisch’s tweet elicited many angry reactions, with many calling him out for his support of pedophilia.” Promoting pedophilia in school library books has nothing to do with students, LGBTQIA + families and staff, ”replied Patrick, a Twitter user.

A group of participants recited prayers for “protection” which are not prayers for “exorcisms,” Catholic experts say, and in addition lay Catholics do not believe they can perform “exorcisms”, such as Frisch claimed. The prayers recited were the litanies to the Holy Spirit and the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel. Last year, Frisch participated in a panel discussing his school board victory as an “agnostic” over “religious extremists” in Virginia.

This type of controversy is not new to county schools. In 2016, after an AP English class was forced to read “Beloved” by Tony Morrison, the Virginia General Assembly attempted to adopt HB 516, which would force the Board of Education to write an explicit instructional material policy requiring that parents be informed and have an opportunity to review the material and find an alternative if the parent does not approve.

This bill was passed with bipartisan support only to be vetoed by Governor Terry McAuliffe. The House voted to override McAuliffe’s veto, but was one vote away from the number required. In March 2017, McAuliffe vetoed HB 2191, which allegedly required schools to notify parents if their child is enrolled in a course in which the material or related academic activities include or the potential for sexually explicit content. this.

In fact, during the gubernatorial debate with his opponent Glenn Youngkin earlier this week, McAuliffe attempted to defend his position. “I’m not going to let parents go into schools and actually take out books and make their own decisions,” he said. “I don’t think parents should tell schools what to teach.

McAuliffe apparently forgot about Virginia Code 1-240.1 which deals with parental rights. It reads: “A parent has the fundamental right to make decisions about the upbringing, upbringing and care of the parent’s child. Parents are taxpayers and it is their right to have a say in the education of their children.

According to a 2013 Washington Post article, only one of McAuliffe’s children went to a public high school – Langley High School. Her other children attended Potomac School, a private school in McLean, and Gonzaga College High School, a Catholic preparatory school in Washington, DC.

Langton said the characterization that she is upset because there is gay pornography in our children’s schools is not factually correct. “It’s pornography, period. Right now, “she said.” I don’t care what gender of the people depicted engaging in pornography. I don’t care about the sexual orientation of the people who engage in pornography. If that pornography had been pornography. a normal heterosexual situation – a man and a woman engaging in it or whatever, I would have said every word exactly the same as I said in this meeting. It is about decency of the school environment in which our children go to school.

The books in question are “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison and “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe. They were available at many high school libraries and some college libraries across the county. A spokesperson for Fairfax County Public Schools explained that librarians must follow the selection criteria in Educational Services Regulation 3013.2 of August 2018. Circulation of these two books has been suspended while a committee reviews and makes a recommendation on the text, they said. The school board could not be reached for further comments.

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