Monet Lindstrand Promotes Student Happiness and Safety at SGA Vice Presidential Debate

The Ball State Student Government Association (SGA) Board of Elections held its vice-presidential debate at Teachers College on February 10.

This year’s post is current SGA President Tina Nguyen running for re-election and SGA President Pro Tempore Monet Lindstrand running for vice-president. Lindstrand is the only running mate.

Lindstrand spoke about two major platforms: preventing sexual assault and improving Ball State’s public transportation. Nguyen and Lindstrand have three goals: engage organizations, encourage social awareness, and educate students about diversity at Ball State.

“Being part of the campus leadership has allowed me to grow as an individual and to be able to solve problems that students might face or bring to us,” Lindstrand said.

Lindstrand became involved in student government as a freshman. She started in the At-Large Caucus and in the Fall 2021 semester served as the Specialized College Representative for the Collegiate Caucus.

On the subject of sexual assault prevention, Lindstrand talked about creating a program in the village, as well as local restaurants and bars, for angel shots.

“So an angel shot, for those of you who don’t know, is an order that you can go to the bartender and ask to help you get home safely,” Lindstrand said.

Linstrand said partnering with Ball State Residence Halls would be a critical step in getting the proper information communicated to the student body about what sexual consent means and the steps students should take so they can ensure their overall safety while at university.

Lindstrand spoke about the minimum wage resolution that SGA passed last semester. The resolution was sent to the University Senate for consideration.

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Lindstrand spoke about his platform for diversity, citing the “deep dive into diversity” of the current Senate, which works with different cultural organizations.

“[We] really talk about what makes us different as humans, but what can also bring us together as a Ball State community,” Lindstrand said.

Lindstrand said one way to achieve minority representation is to encourage diversity in SGA.

Lindstrand’s two main issues with Ball State transportation were Charlie’s charter and Ball State’s bus rotation.

With Charlie’s Charter – a free university transport service – Lindstrand said the hours of operation are unclear and his goal is to clarify them. If she becomes vice president of the SGA, Lindstrand aims to improve bus routes by potentially adding a second blue loop.

The audience asked how to encourage and ensure different student representation, such as LGBTQ students.

“I think it’s a really great opportunity, to go from president Pro Tempore to this experience with vice president now, and to see that role over the last year and a half…I’ve been in the Senate,” Lindstrand said.

The SGA Presidential Debate will take place on February 15 at Pruis Hall from 7-8 p.m.

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