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MIAMI (WSVN) — There’s a textbook turmoil at Miami-Dade County schools as a heated debate over several sex-ed books has divided some parents.

Dozens of people have spoken out for and against parts of these textbooks, which are taught to middle and high school students. Some said the parts that talked about sex education were inappropriate, while others said it was necessary.

School board members, parents and even doctors came to the Miami-Dade school board meeting to have their voices heard on health textbooks for middle and high school students, which some say teach inappropriate material.

The school board adopted the textbooks in April, but the decision was appealed by parents and groups like County Citizens Defending Freedom, who pointed to parts they have trouble with.

The meeting even got a little heated when a woman was asked to leave, and moments later a man was forcibly removed and arrested.

After the public hearings, a hearings officer advised the school board that it still had to adopt the textbooks.

On Wednesday, the school board must proceed to its final vote.

“I believe in the process, the process was done and it was completely professionally vetted,” said school board member Lucia Baez-Geller.

“I voted against it because I don’t think it’s age-appropriate,” said school board member Maria Teresa Rojas. “There’s a part of the book that’s good, but there are parts of the book that shouldn’t be there for our students.”

Rojas and others said middle schoolers shouldn’t learn about abortion or emergency contraception and struggled to teach high schoolers that minors can talk to doctors without parents in the room.

Alex Serrano is the Miami director of County Citizens Defending Freedom. He is the father of three children and took his children out of public school two years ago.

“An 11-year-old being told where to get and how easy it is to get Plan B pills, in our assessment, is not age-appropriate,” Serrano said.

Although others, like Marika Lynch, a mother of three at the Miami-Dade school, believe that sex education is necessary.

“Kids of all ages need to know what their options are because, as I mentioned, half the kids are going to have sex before they graduate from high school, so they need to be prepared,” said Lynch. “The truth is, kids will get this information from their teachers, or they’ll get it from the internet.”

Those who objected to these excerpts in the manual said they wanted more parental involvement in the process.

Schools are required by the state to teach sex education, and the school district will be out of compliance for the second year in a row because they don’t have a book to teach from.

School board members will now have to find a new textbook and students will have to find a new class to enroll in.

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