Kangana Ranaut says Punjab is emerging as a hub of terrorist activity after PM Modi’s end-of-security incident

Kangana Ranaut on the PM’s security breach incident: Actor Kangana Ranaut, who is often seen speaking and writing in support of the BJP government led by Narendra Modi, commented on the incident which is seen as the prime minister’s major security flaw. She used her Instagram stories to describe the incident as “shameful” and “an attack on every Indian”.Also Read – Kangana Ranaut’s New Year’s Resolution: Actor Wants Fewer FIRs, More Love Letters in 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy was stopped by protesters in the Punjab on Wednesday, after which his team decided to return. The incident has become the subject of nationwide debate. In his long Instagram post, Kangana wrote: “What happened in Punjab is shameful, the Honorable Prime Minister is the democratically elected leader / representative / voice of 1.4 billion people, an attack on him is an attack on every Indian… it’s an attack on our democracy itself, the Punjab becomes a hub for terrorist activities if we don’t stop them now, the nation will have to pay a heavy price #bharatstandswithmodiji (sic). Also Read – Kangana Ranaut Wishes Her “Jannani” Birthday With These Return Pictures | Check here

What Happened In Punjab With PM: All About The Security Breach Incident

Prime Minister Modi was on his way to the National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala, a village in the Punjab on Wednesday. The PM was to fly by helicopter from Bhatinda where he landed on Wednesday morning. However, the rains and poor visibility in winter prevented him from moving forward, so his team decided to take the road to the village, which forced them to cover more than two hours of road. While the PM waited about 20 minutes for the weather to improve, nothing could work. As the Prime Minister started traveling by road after confirmation from his security team and arrangements made by DGP, Punjab Police, he faced an unexpected situation. Read also – End of the year 2021: from Kangana Ranaut to Aryan Khan, the most controversial celebrities of the year

Just as his convoy reached a bridge, about 30 km from the National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala, the road was blocked by protesters. Even after waiting about twenty minutes, the demonstrators could not be evacuated and it was then that it was decided that he would turn around and start again by the same route.

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