“It’s going to be something to watch”

SALT LAKE CITY—With the first presidential debate on the books, their “number two” is next. Current Vice President Mike Pence and VP hopeful Kamala Harris will lock the horns for the vice presidential debate in Utah. And a political scientist from the site of the battle says this one could generate more interest than the presidential debates.


Jason Perry, director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah, says it’s because of Kamala Harris. “I think she comes across as someone who makes the (Democratic ticket) more better. People (want to know her) know her as a person and a candidate.” Perry says for Harris, it’s both an opportunity and a pressure-laden position. “This opportunity is to show what kind of direction it could give (Biden’s administration.)”

Perry says the curiosity surrounding Harris is national. In Utah in particular, he thinks the now Veep is a big draw as well. “Particularly in a place like Utah, Mike Pence’s popularity is sometimes higher than the guy at the top of the ticket,” Perry explains.


Perry is considering a well-matched affair. “In 2016, Pence showed he could debate. So I think he’ll do well,” he says. As for Harris, a lawyer by trade, Perry imagines we’ll “see this” prosecutor. the courtroom”. Someone who knows how to deliver a line and paint a picture. People consider her to be a very competent person because of her time in the courtroom. He says the match is more hype: “A seasoned debater (at Pence) and that seasoned prosecutor. It will be something to watch.

The vice presidential debate will take place at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah campus. It is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7 at 7 p.m.

It will be broadcast live on KSL Newsradio and KSLNewsradio.com.

The debate commission says it will make changes to the format

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