Imran Khan rejects suggestions to slow down political activities despite floods

Former Prime Minister and head of the PTI Imran Khan speaking to lawyers at Circuit House on September 1, 2022. – Instagram/@imrankhan.pti
  • Imran Khan says he will continue his relief work alongside his political activities.
  • “I will help the victims of the floods more than them,” adds the head of the PTI.
  • He suggests that all divisions of the country be converted into provinces.

SARGODHA: Former prime minister and head of the PTI, Imran Khan, reiterated on Thursday that he would continue his movement against “thieves imposed on the masses” despite the floods that have wreaked havoc in the country.

Speaking to lawyers at Circuit House in Sargodha, the head of PTI said: “They [the leaders of the coalition government] told me to sit down because of the floods; however, I will help those affected by the floods more than them [government] and will also continue my political activities.

Khan told the lawyers they had more responsibility for ensuring the rule of law. “All the problems people face will be solved with a good system of local government,” the former prime minister said, stressing that he was fighting for the rule of law in the country.

“Here [in Pakistan] we have different laws for the weak and the powerful,” he said, adding that thieves from the poor segment of society are sent to prison while powerful thieves are given “important positions.”

The head of the PTI said that all divisions of the country should be converted into provinces. “The better the province is doing, the more people’s problems will be solved,” he said, adding that a debate should take place in this regard, because more provinces would reduce the problems.

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