How to Watch the Presidential Debate: Time and Live Stream Channels

Update: We’ve added the live YouTube video of the presidential debate below so you can watch the debate right on this page. It comes from the independent chain C-SPAN.

You can watch the presidential debate live stream right now — the official time is 9:00 p.m. EDT / 6:00 p.m. PDT, and coverage of the debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is ongoing. Tune in for the opening on one of the channels below.

The US election date is Tuesday, November 3, so undecided voters will want to pay close attention, although this Trump vs Biden debate isn’t for everyone – many took advantage of early voting ahead of the date’s last live broadcast. presidential election tonight.

What time does it start in your region of the world? On which channel can you watch the presidential debate? We’ll walk you through how you can connect on TV or online.

Watch the presidential debate: time and date

The final presidential debate will take place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, October 22. The debate begins at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT (2 a.m. BST, noon AEDT) and will last 90 minutes in total without commercial breaks.

Full details of the live stream and TV channels are below – including free cover options – and you can watch your favorite coverage from anywhere with a VPN (opens in a new tab).

The final presidential debate will take place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Unlike the first debate which had around 90 people in the audience, this time the audience will be much smaller to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. While attendees were supposed to wear a mask last time, during the final debate any audience member not wearing a mask will be kicked out.

Another welcome change is the fact that the microphones will be muted at the start of each of the six segments of the debate. Both Trump and Biden will have two uninterrupted minutes to answer a first question on each topic during which their opponent’s microphone will be muted to avoid the chaos of the first debate. Once both contestants have responded, their microphones will be activated for discussion of the topic in question.

NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker will moderate the final presidential debate and despite previous belief, she will not have the ability to mute the candidates’ microphones herself.

As for the topics of the final presidential debate chosen by Welker and approved by the Commission on Presidential Debates, Trump and Biden will both be asked about the fight against Covid-19, American families, race in America, climate change, security national and leadership.

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or still undecided, we’ll show you exactly how to watch the final presidential debate online or on TV wherever you are in the world tonight.

Watch the presidential debate: time and channels in the United States

Last presidential debate for tonight 2020 will begin at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT. It will last 90 minutes and will be divided into six 15-minute segments without commercial discussions. The debate will end at 10:30 p.m. ET / 7:30 p.m. PT and most channels will have a post-debate analysis. Although the debate ends relatively early, expect to be up late to watch all the wall-to-wall coverage.

If you live in the United States and have a cable subscription or even a domestic antenna, you will be able to watch the final presidential debate on television on all major news networks, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN , Fox News. , MSNBC and C-Span will show it. If you prefer to stream the debate online, you’re in luck because CBS News will be streaming the entire event. on his Youtube channel (opens in a new tab).

While the debate itself will be streamed live as it happens, you’ll also be able to tune in to see each network’s commentary and score once it’s over.

Better yet, if you can’t get to a TV to watch tonight’s latest presidential date, or you’ve cut the cord, there are ways to watch the live stream online. We’ve listed some of our favorite options below to make it easier for you.

  • TV Sling (opens in a new tab) $30 per month – With SlingTV’s Sling Blue plan for $30 per month, you’ll get access to CNN, Fox News, Fox, MSNBC, NBC (in select markets), and many more live TV channels. The service also lets you watch on three screens simultaneously and save content to watch later with its Cloud DVR.
  • Fubo TV (opens in a new tab) $64.99 per month – FuboTV gives you access to 114 live TV channels including ABC, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC and more, but does not include CNN. The service also includes a 7-day free trial so you can test it out for yourself.
  • Hulu with Live TV $54.99 per month – Hulu with Live TV gives you access to all the channels you’ll need to watch the first presidential debate, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. The service also includes its own Hulu Originals and supports a wide variety of streaming devices.
  • AT&T TV Now (opens in a new tab) $55 per month – AT&T TV Now’s Plus plan will give you access to over 45 live TV channels, including ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC and NBC. However, if you want even more channels and an HBO Max subscription, you can sign up for the service’s Max plan for $80 a month.
  • YouTube television (opens in a new tab) $65 per month – YouTube’s live streaming service will give you access to all the channels you’ll need to watch this year’s presidential debates, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. YouTube TV also offers flexible contracts and no additional fees for HD or cancellation.

Trump versus Biden debate

(Image credit: C-SPAN)

How to watch the Trump-Biden debate for free in Canada

Watch the Trump-Biden debate in the UK for free

UK viewers will be able to watch the latest US presidential debate on BBC (opens in a new tab) and on his iPlayer (opens in a new tab) website and apps. The network’s coverage of the debate will begin at 1:30 a.m. early Friday morning, so you’ll likely need to keep a coffee handy.

You’ll also find the debate featured on other streaming news stations, as well as online on the websites of most major newspapers. And of course, there will be plenty of highlights (or lowlights) and videos making the rounds on Friday morning.

Get a Trump-Biden debate stream in Australia

How to watch the debate online from outside your country

If you are currently traveling abroad for work or out of the country, watch the final presidential debate may be difficult as some viewing options might be geo-blocked. Especially if you want to see coverage from your home country.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution that will allow you to watch the latest presidential debate online from anywhere. By downloading a vpn, you can watch wherever you are right now. This simple software changes your IP address to an address in another country where the debate is being broadcast, so you can stream it as if you were at home.

Use a VPN to stream the broadcast from anywhere

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