How Instagrammers flaunt their books at home


Do you need a little help with the shelves this World Book Day? Kids across the country have gone to school dressed as their favorite literary character (good job, parents), but there’s a more grown-up way to celebrate, and that involves giving your library an Instagrammable shine.

Created to encourage reading and improve access to books (more than 400,000 UK children do not own a single book, according to the National Literacy Trust), this annual charity event is also a timely reminder for adults to step away from screen and get stuck in a tome or two.

Now in its 25th year, the theme for 2022 is “You’re a Reader,” and there’s no better way to show it than with an awesomely styled #shelfie.

In the name of inner inspiration, let’s review some of the ways your inner bibliophile might be unleashed on your home, from good to crazy to really bad. You’ll be posting your own #bookstagram in no time.

1. Create a Book Corner | @myenglishcountrycottage

Maybe it’s the incessant bad weather or an urge to disconnect, but cozy reading spaces are big news on Instagram right now.

Of course, it helps if you have a lovely country house and an impressive collection like this.

With searches for “small library room” also trending on Pinterest, the truth is that most of us will have to make do with a cramped reading space under the stairs (or similar). But reading is the pursuit of dreamers, so it can’t hurt to imagine.

2. Books upside down | @thistle.harvest

Do you have an embarrassing book collection? Want to play “Random Book Roulette” whenever you feel like reading? Or maybe you’re so committed to a cohesive neutral palette that mismatched bright spines just aren’t an option?

Facing your books upside down has sparked a lot of heated design debates, but whether it’s elegant or sacrilegious is ultimately up to you.

3. No more unread | @allthebookpages

Continuing on from the above, there’s more method to this madness, but it’s creating carnage on the shelves.

The concept is simple: store all your read books upside down, leaving only your unread tomes on the outside.

It’s a way to keep track of your “to read” list, but the resulting chaotic energy just might lead you to the dark side of the Kindle.

4. Make a rainbow | @theplyhouse

It may sound creative and thoughtful, but who has time to color-code their book collection? Dear reader, apparently all of Instagram.

It will be necessary to accept that the genres mix and that the authors are no longer in alphabetical order (breath), but the result can be joyful and help designate a library corner.

At The Ply House in North Devon, owner Holly has carved out a slice of bookish sanctuary in her open plan kitchen diner.

5. No shelves? No problem | @theslowtraveler

If you have a look of books but not enough shelves, stack them high, bohemian style (with or without the spines exposed, it’s still this recurring question…).

If you can add a rattan mirror, a cleverly unmade bed, a roaring fire and a sleeping dog to your snap, digital creator The Slow Traveler, then you’ll earn extra Insta kudos.

Just be prepared to play IRL Jenga when trying to read at the top of the pile.

6. Reuse a fireplace | @luciawrenstudio

Fireplaces are good for more than starting fires – they can make fabulous mini bookcases, as seen in this charming nursery.

Simply add a shelf or stack your books inside for instant imaginative functionality ideal for small spaces.

7. Pose with the Pages |

One is to tear up the rulebook, literally and will horrify most true bibliophiles.

To reach the #bookstagram peak, forget to read the pages and tear them all out.

If your current reading has no “instagrammable cover”, no one can judge it.

Sure, sticking book sheets all over your walls will give them something else to judge, but your house, your rules.

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