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Halloween is a public holiday celebrated on October 31 every year and Halloween 2022 will be on Monday October 31. According to the story, this tradition originated in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts. Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints in the eighth century. Soon All Saints Day incorporated some Samhain traditions.

All Saints Eve was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween has turned into a day of activities such as sleight of hand, pumpkin carving, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating candy. Children especially love Halloween. If parents are looking for things to do at home for Halloween, look no further!

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11/11 Skeleton Bone Race

Divide everyone into teams of four or more. The first team to successfully connect the wire with the last player holding the skeleton bone is the winner. The more teams you have, the longer the game will take. See more at, Child-friendly activities

10/11 Pumpkin carving contest

Pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween activity that will keep everyone engaged and active! From silly faces to unique designs, there’s no limit to the ideas they can come up with! Of course, parental supervision is required with all sharp tools and the like.

September 11th Bobbing for apples

Fill a bucket with water and add the apples. Ask the children to try to catch the apples with their mouths. The first child to get an apple wins.

8/11 pumpkin bowling

This is not your usual bowling game. Instead of using bowling balls, play with pumpkins for a fun spin on the classic game. Pumpkin bowling can be done with smaller, more manageable pumpkins or orange foam balls. For real pumpkins, cut the stem to make them easier to roll. For the orange balls, draw faces on them to give them a more pumpkin look.

7/11 Pumpkin Tic, Tac, Toe

This game is as easy as drawing Xs and O’s on your little pumpkins and creating a tic, tac, toe board on a table with tape or in the driveway with chalk. Each child gets four pumpkins with X’s or O’s and they’re off.

6/11 truth or fear

A variation of Truth or Dare, Truth or Scare asks players Halloween-themed questions and physical challenges. You can even head to the Play Party Plan website for lists of family-friendly “truth” questions.

5/11 Pin the spider to the web

To play this classic game (pin the donkey’s tail), draw a spider web on a roll of paper or a piece of cardboard and hang it on the wall. Give each player a cut out spider with a piece of double sided tape on the back. Have them pin the spider to the web. Whoever gets closest to the center of the web wins.

4/11 poke the pumpkin

Entertain children with this mystery game. Fill plastic cups with candies or little Halloween surprises, then cover them with orange tissue paper. You can put a rubber band around the cup or use tape to hold it in place. Glue the bottoms of the cups to a cardboard or poster board in the shape of a pumpkin. Hang it on the wall, and one by one, kids can poke a hole in the tissue paper and see what’s inside. The Denneler project offers a comprehensive tutorial.

3/11 Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Parents can hide a variety of Halloween items throughout the house and make clues for kids to find, or just give them a list of what to find.

2/11 monster says

A Halloween version of Simon Says! The Monster gives directions in this game. Choose a child or an adult to be the monster and give instructions to others. It’s even better if they have Halloween instructions like:

  • Crouch like a pumpkin

  • Pretend to stir a cauldron like a witch

  • walk like a zombie

  • Say, “Trick-or-treat”

When the monster gives instructions, they say “Monster says” in advance. But if the monster doesn’t say so, whoever finishes the direction stays out until the next turn. There’s so much to play or say, it’s a great way to kill time.

1/11 What’s in the cauldron?

This is a memory game that will entertain children and make them laugh a lot! Ask the children to sit in a circle and choose one first. The first child will say: “I’m cooking a scary creation in my cauldron with…”, the child will then say something like carrots. He moves on to the next child, who says, “I’m cooking a scary creation in my cauldron with carrots and…” and then they add something. He continues to go around the circle, each repeating everything that was said, then adding his own. If someone doesn’t remember, they sit down and the game continues until there is one left.

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