Global Thought Leaders to Attend Over 60 Talks, Keynotes and Activities at IGCF 2022

SHARJAH – Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, the 11th Annual International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) will witness hundreds of hours of discussions and deliberations insightful insights, workshops, panel discussions and inspiring speeches around the theme of this year’s forum, which is “Challenges and Solutions”.

Scheduled for September 28-29 at Expo Center Sharjah, the forum organized by the International Government Communication Center (IGCC) is an initiative of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB).

The two-day event will feature 7 main sessions, 10 inspirational speeches, 6 workshops, 13 interactive platforms and 40 side activities – all led by 160 senior officials, thought leaders and government communication experts, who will highlight the role of communication governance in overcoming local and global governance challenges and social and economic crises, while highlighting the resulting opportunities.

Tariq Saeed Allay: Constant communication between governments and people is key to addressing national challenges

HE Tariq Saeed Allay, Director General of SGMB, said: “Governments play a vital role in finding solutions in times of uncertainty and crisis, and stable two-way communication between governments and the people is essential in formulating solutions. effective responses to national challenges. .

“For a decade, the recommendations and forward-looking ideas offered by the International Forum for Government Communications have helped positively influence the transformation of government communications in parallel with changing times and changing public needs. Now, this key international event returns for its 11th edition with hundreds of hours of debate, discussion and activity poised to envision a more vibrant future for the sector,” Allay added.

“We welcome the regional and global tribe of communication experts in the public and private sectors, opinion leaders, business owners, members of the media, university students as well as members of the community of the Arab Emirates. united passionate about participatory governance. IGCF 2022 aims to initiate key dialogues that will consider a comprehensive set of challenges and solutions for the future of government communications,” he emphasized.

“Challenges and Solutions”

The IGCF theme affirms the importance of government communications to convey challenges using the right tools, approach and methodologies to motivate the public to become partners in creating appropriate solutions and practices, it said. -he adds.

Round tables

Distinguished experts will present diverse and thought-provoking perspectives during seven panel discussions spread over two days. Session titles include: ‘Drama – Between Intellectual and Linguistic Construction’, ‘Economic Crises – Between Positive Confinement and Negative Adjustment’; ‘When zero becomes an achievement’; ‘The Future of the World between Web 3, Metavers and Artificial Intelligence’; ‘Creative Destruction… What has the world gained?’; “Implications of Public Communication for Emerging Projects”; ‘Struggles for change… How to be?’

Inspirational talks

A roster of leading experts and thought leaders will shed light on the most pressing government communication topics through ten inspiring talks titled: “What Kind of Government Does the World Need?” » ; ‘The future of the creative economy… are we ready?’; ‘Leadership with influence’; ‘Balanced Cultures…Equal Relations’; ‘Cinema — Renewed Communication Channels’; ‘Achieving dreams is not impossible’; ‘The power of habit’; “New communication channels and creative partnerships”, “Green growth and decision-making mechanisms” and “Skills economy and the next generation of governments”.

Specialized workshops

IGCF 2022 will organize three daily workshops led by experts from the Arab Organization for Administrative Development – ​​Arab League; Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting; and Sky News Arabia Academy. Targeting 120 attendees throughout the forum, workshop titles include “Government Communication in the Digital Age”, “The First Professional ‘Mini’ Degree in Journalism (Media) Artificial Intelligence” and “Innovation of Digital Content, towards phanes”.

Additional activities

The two-day forum will organize 40 parallel activities covering various topics at the regional and international levels in 13 rooms, including “Inspirational Eve”, a space dedicated to a constructive and solid debate on women’s issues; “Future Challenges Lab”, which will discuss the role of technology in communication and media, and address the challenges of determined people in education. Meanwhile, the “Dialogue of Minds” room will cover social and humanitarian topics; “We’re Seeking” will highlight new studies and research on government communications.

The ‘Youth City’ room will deal with youth-related communication topics, while the ‘University Challenge’ room will cover issues of interest to media schools and students. The “Bold Discussions” will cover cutting-edge technology topics, the “New Media Academy” room will highlight the ideal tools and ways to produce content for working on social media, podcasts, blogging platforms and more, in addition to three rooms dedicated to the animation of workshops. .

Pre-forum activities

Between September 19 and 22, IGCF will organize a series of activities, including the Comms program, which includes special training workshops targeting youth and university students: “Government Communication and Community Issues Management”; “Using Infographics for Government Communication”; “The Skills of Using Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Content Development”; ‘Media of Metaverse.. How to create creative media content in the Metaverse?’; “The skills of a spokesperson in the digital environment”; and ‘Government Communication and Media Relations Development’

It will also include a series of workshops and sessions covering a wide range of topics including Communication Crisis Management, Future Challenges Lab, Universities Challenge, Department of Government Communication Workshop and Art persuasion in emergency situations.

The IGCF 2022 affirms Sharjah’s role as a leader in the adoption and integration of government communication systems at the regional level, linking the challenges and tasks of each stage while taking into account the circumstances of the stage. It aims to draw attention to the importance of the psychological impact of language on morale and public awareness and to activate two-way communications between governments and the public to achieve the purpose of the speech.

IGCF 2022 Partners

IGCF 2022 is organized by IGCC in partnership with a number of local and international institutions, including Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI); Sharjah Broadcasting Authority; Sharjah Media City (Shams); Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq); NAMA Women Advancement; The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF); Sharjah Trade and Tourism Development Authority; Sharjah Exhibition Center; Sharjah Asset Management; Sharjah Press Club; the Government Communication Department of the SGMB; Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa); House of Wisdom; Sky News Arabia and its Academy; Emirates News Agency (WAM); Dubai Media Incorporated; Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for creating leaders and innovators; 01Gov; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Arab Organization for Administrative Development – League of Arab States; and artificial intelligence journalism for research and forecasting.

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