Glenn Youngkin’s review of the week: election plots, anti-vaccine activities and increased support for anti-Semitic attacks

Glenn Youngkin’s review of the week: election plots, anti-vaccine activities and increased support for anti-Semitic attacks

Richmond, Virginia – It’s not often that we compliment Glenn Youngkin and his beating campaign, but it’s Friday so we will: This week they’ve done a remarkable job keeping the Virginians focused on his far-right agenda. From his support for Trump’s dangerous election lies, his growing anti-vaccine track record, and his willingness to fund anti-Semitic attacks, Youngkin is working overtime to remind voters how wrong he is for Virginia.

See below for a recap of another banner week for Glenn Youngkin’s campaign.

Glenn doubles down on Trump’s electoral conspiracy theories

Glenn started the week getting hammered for refusing to say whether or not he would have certified the Jan.6 election. As reported by Axios:

[Youngkin] wouldn’t say if he would have voted to certify the election on Jan.6 if he were a congressman.

This latest foray is a reminder that Glenn Youngkin is deeply into Donald Trump and his most dangerous electoral conspiracies. Youngkin launched his campaign with a “Electoral Integrity Task Force,” which he called the “most important issue” of that campaign. Youngkin spent months lying about the 2020 election and pledged to abide by the hard-line Republican agenda of restricting voting rights.

Earlier this summer, Youngkin was headlining an insurgent-sponsored “electoral integrity” rally. This came after Youngkin suggested the disgraced former president could be reinstated in office.

Glenn’s vaccine tally is on the rise

This week, a new report highlighted Youngkin’s growing anti-vaccine record when it was discovered that Youngkin’s new ads feature Virginians who have publicly embraced anti-mask and anti-vaccine rhetoric.

Then, when asked to support demands for other vaccines during Tuesday night’s debate, Glenn Youngkin stumbled to find an answer before returning to his right-wing talking points that spread misinformation and cast doubt. on the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.

After the debate, another report highlighted Youngkin’s outrageous refusal to support vaccine requirements that keep Virginians safe and healthy. Next, Gov. Ralph Northam criticized Glenn Youngkin’s extreme anti-vaccine program and explained what’s at stake in this year’s gubernatorial race:

“Glenn has been clear: he will not follow the science and show the leadership needed to end this pandemic and keep our compatriots in Virginia safe. “

Throughout his campaign, Mr. Youngkin has peddled this dangerous anti-COVID safety program, opposing and promising to repeal all vaccine requirements and rejecting CDC guidelines to keep Virginians and students in good health.”

“We cannot allow Glenn and his right-wing anti-COVID security program to approach the governorship. The future of Virginia’s health, safety and well-being is at stake. ”

Glenn and the Virginia GOP continue their model of blatant anti-Semitism

Glenn Youngkin and his Republican allies continued their blatant and contemptible model of anti-Semitism this week when a letter was sent to thousands of Virginians and targeted Del. Dan Helmer –– who is Jewish and descended from Holocaust survivors –– with offensive centuries-old tropes and stereotypes. As the Washington Post Editorial Board illustrates:

Centuries-old anti-Semitic stereotypes, tropes and images recur episodically in American politics, and not just on the ideological fringes. […] There is no doubt that [Pyon’s] Harmful direct mail is an affront to decency. It also fits a recent pattern among Republican candidates from Virginia in this fall’s legislative election.

The mail, sent by Harold Pyon and paid for by the Virginia Republican Party, displays a pattern of anti-Semitism repeated by Republicans in Virginia in recent weeks. PAC Virginia Wins of Youngkin is a major donor to Pyon. Earlier this month, Hanhs Copeland, another ally of Glenn Youngkin, launched an anti-Semitic tweet addressed to House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn. Over the summer, another candidate aligned with Youngkin compared being a conservative teacher to being Jewish in Nazi Germany.

Glenn Youngkin and the Republicans have refused to condemn this behavior of another of his allies and this is further proof of their full support for the despicable anti-Semitism that defines the Virginia GOP.

New Fox News poll shows just how unpopular Glenn’s right-wing agenda really is

Glenn Youngkin has long peddled an unpopular right-wing agenda. Now, a new Fox News poll highlights just how toxic Glenn Youngkin’s extreme political views and positions are to voters in Virginia.

According to the new poll, Youngkin follows Terry McAuliffe by 50 points among voters in Virginia who think the pandemic is the most important electoral issue. Of particular note is Youngkin’s large deficit among Virginia’s parents –– who support Terry by more than 9 points.

The Fox News poll comes as Glenn continues to double down on his dangerous anti-science agenda and shows just how unpopular his positions are in Virginia. See below for key information on the survey results:

  • Among voters who say the pandemic is the most important issue to their vote, Terry leads Youngkin from 50% –– 72% to just 22%.
  • An overwhelming majority of Virginians support the common sense COVID-19 security measures that Glenn vehemently opposes.
    • 71% of Virginians argue that teachers and students should wear masks in schools.
    • 66% of voters in Virginia support schools requiring teachers to be immunized.
  • Virginians also overwhelmingly support vaccination mandates.

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