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Congratulations to TNL | LancasterOnline’s Alex Geli for a comprehensive and well-researched article from January 16 on the cultural divides emerging as book bans in Lancaster County schools and across the country (“Book bans are accelerating here and in the US). United “).

While our country should always encourage honest differences of opinion and debate, I believe that the issues facing school districts today go far beyond that – into the frightening realm of thought and authoritarian action.

I don’t understand how people who so quickly claim individual freedom of choice when it comes to wearing masks during a pandemic or getting vaccinated can just as quickly rob many other parents and children of their freedom of choice. when it comes to books in a school library or what is part of a school curriculum.

Apparently, freedom of choice is only to be enjoyed when it comes to the freedom to choose what far-right believers want us to choose. And apparently that kind of freedom of choice is important enough to be promoted in any way possible, including possibly giving a fake name and address when reviewing a book at an Elizabethtown-area school district library. .

We should be better than that. Honest and open disagreements are part of what makes this country great. But let’s respect each other for doing our research, providing our sources of information, telling the truth about what we find, asking questions, and trusting the authorities to be honest with us as we are honest with them.

And if we are elected officials in a position of public trust and responsibility, we should talk to the news media and not hang up on them.

John Hope

West Donegal Township

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