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Allegations a toxic work environment on the set of the Ellen DeGeneres show have swirled in recent weeks. While the host denies the allegations specifically aimed at her, she apologized in a note to workers saying she was “disappointed to learn” that a culture of respect was not being respected. Distributor Warner Bros. also said it would make staff changes after an internal investigation revealed “shortcomings in the day-to-day management of the show.”

Serious allegations require investigation and this process must continue and be completed.

It has been suggested that DeGeneres could walk away from the series, although it looks like she will be returning ahead of the final series in the Daytime Clip. This is quite significant in 2020, the year of the cancellation of cultivation that has shifted into high gear.

But the whole episode perfectly illustrates how polarized we have become. The DeGeneres show’s mantra is “be kind” – something that has proven increasingly difficult with the rise of social media and online abuse.

Celebrities have lined up on both sides of the debate, from Katy Perry to DeGeneres’ wife Portia de Rossi, supporting the beleaguered host. The latter splashed an “I’m with Ellen” graphic on his social media presence, while Perry opened up about his experiences with his “friend.” Brad Garrett, of Everyone loves Raymond celebrity, and Lea Thompson, who starred in Back to the future, are two of those on the other side of the fracture.

The issue of toxic work environments is a discussion that needs to be had – and there are obviously others taking place in the world about race. Such subjects should not be polarized; we should all be pulling in the same direction of equality and respect.

These are global conversations that should have taken place long before now. But it is vital that we have them now. We can expect to see more talk about DeGeneres on social media, as well as more hateful comments that the companies behind these platforms need to do more to uproot themselves.

Ellen DeGeneres is already a concrete example of what can happen when new attitudes encounter a society that is struggling to change. DeGeneres sitcom episode Ellen where his character became gay is now considered a defining cultural moment.

When awarding DeGeneres the Medal of Freedom before stepping down, Barack Obama said: “It is easy to forget now, when we have come this far, where marriage is now equal under the law. law, how much courage was needed for Ellen to come. on the most public stage almost 20 years ago … What an incredible burden it must have borne. Risking his career like that.

The difficulty of such a movement, and the broader conversation that was needed, is no different from the type of large-scale debates we are having today around LGBTQ equality and other social issues. It’s difficult, but unless people are prepared to have these public discussions and take action, things won’t change. DeGeneres and those around him should be well aware of this.

Ellen DeGeneres is in the midst of an epic career crash or a media storm that will soon erupt, depending on who you read. Just as this situation reflects society at large, we hope that these difficult conversations – and the need for significant action – can be brought to fruition both on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the world in general.

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