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After a messy first debate riddled with interruptions and sarcastic remarks, the second and final presidential debate was “less chaotic” and more disciplined, according to Senator Elizabeth Warren, who watched last night’s show with her husband Bruce. Mann and his dog Bailey. (Bailey didn’t stay awake during all of this, however.) The addition of a mute button certainly helped, as a member of the Presidential Debates Commission team muted a candidate’s microphone while the other was talking.

“I thought telling both candidates that there would be a mute button from the start forced some discipline into the debate,” Warren said. BAZAAR.com by phone the morning after President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden clashed in Tennessee. “And since Donald Trump is completely unruly, it gave the debate a bit more consistency than it otherwise would have.”

“The real Donald Trump is the one who shows up every morning at the White House to rule this country and who has no one to press a mute button

Yes, the mute minimized interruptions, but it also did President Trump a favor by keeping his interjections off camera. “I thought it was more useful for Donald Trump because it put the brakes on his weird behavior, but it also meant we weren’t seeing the real Donald Trump,” Warren said. “The real Donald Trump is the one who shows up every morning at the White House to rule this country and who has no one else pushing a mute button.

She adds: “The real Donald Trump is the one who is absolutely unfiltered and who threatens our nation. The real Donald Trump is the one who says people are tired of hearing about a virus that has now killed over 220,000 Americans or that he loves the North Korean dictator. This is the real Donald Trump. And he’s a scary guy.

Warren believed Biden’s strongest moment was when he responded to Trump’s statement that Americans are “learning to live with” COVID-19. “Learn to live with it? Come on. We’ll die with it,” Biden said. This line “touches the heart” for the senator, whose older brother, Donald Herring, is dead in April after testing positive for the virus. Following the President’s unpopular response to the coronavirus health crisis, Warren and his fellow Democrats are now appeal to legislators prepare a plan for the next pandemic.

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“I was stunned by how often Donald Trump lied. Even by Donald Trump’s standards, the lies were stacked,” Warren said of his overall impressions of the debate. “I was also amazed that he trotted along the same old promises of this grand health policy that he plans to provide to the American people that, in four years now, no one has seen.”

The senator said the “president’s lies got deeper and deeper” during the health care portion of the evening, in which he alleged that Joe Biden wanted to “socialize medicine” and withdraw. health care for millions of Americans. She alluded to Trump’s hypocrisy when referring to the looming case where the Supreme Court will reassess the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act on November 10, a week after the election. If overturned, the decision “will take healthcare away from tens of millions of people and take protection away from everyone with pre-existing illnesses in this country,” Warren said.

“For him to turn around then and say that Joe Biden is a threat to the health of Americans is just weird. In fact, I shouldn’t say it’s weird. Maybe I should take this off because it’s classic Donald Trump.

She continues: “He does what he wants to do. Cut health care for millions of Americans. This is the Republican position and it is the official Republican position. And the Republicans in Congress support him on that, but he also understands that this is a very unpopular position and that it is not what Americans want, and especially not what they want in the midst of a pandemic. So his response is to do it both ways: He continues to give the Republican extremists what they want, trying to take them away from health care while he looks directly at the camera and tells the American people that he is. the person who will magically produce a health care plan that will work for everyone.

Justice Barrett Advances To Supreme Court So She Can Be The Decisive Vote To Take Health Care From Millions Of Americans

Warren also calls out the president for “trying to tip the scales even more in his direction” by rushing to confirm a conservative Supreme Court judge ahead of election day, which she and other Frankish Democrats are fighting with relentlessly. Its candidate, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, was confirmed Thursday by the Senate Judiciary Committee (its Democratic members boycotted the vote) and will face a Senate vote next week.

“Justice Barrett is brought forward to the Supreme Court so that she can be the deciding vote to take health care away from millions of Americans, so that she can be the decisive vote to remove Roe v. Wade, so that “She can be the decision maker to vote to crush unions, so she can be the vote decision maker to let companies increase their profits at the expense of the survival of our planet,” said Warren.

“This is why we are leading this fight to try to stop it, but it is also why the November 3 election is so important. If we can take back the White House, overthrow the Senate, and extend our lead in the House, we can take some of that out of the Supreme Court and protect the health and safety of the American people through the legislative process. But that means we have to win on November 3rd.

The Massachusetts senator will vote early and in person in her home state, she said. “I have my ballot and Bruce, Bailey and I are going to return it to Fresh Pond. … This is where Bailey walks Bruce and I every day.

But on November 3, you won’t find her glued to the poll results as they come in, and she suggests you won’t either. “Don’t look at it cover to cover. Nothing will be gained by looking at the first reports because two percent of the results are available and you watch the cards go from red, blue, red, blue. Instead, Warren will watch a wellness movie or binge-watch a TV show, switching channels between poll results. Although she hasn’t planned her queue yet, she remembers what she and Mann watched on Election night in 2016: HBO’s final season. Ballerinas.

“It rests your brain,” she says of the distraction. “I’m taking bite out of what’s going on during the election. I just can’t watch it cover to cover.

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