Dorothy Marino: Debate shows that Hosmer is a clear choice for the mayor of Laconia | Letters to the Editor

The debate of the mayor of the city of Laconia started with horrible audio problems. I wish that was the only problem of the night … unfortunately it was not.

The candidates invited their own panelists, many of whom were completely unprepared for the debate. Rep. Richard Littlefield made a general statement when it was supposed to be a question and didn’t even try to ask a question at that time. I’m embarrassed that someone representing Laconia just doesn’t know the difference between a statement and a question. This does not surprise me, given that Rep. Dawn Johnson was also not prepared for the debate. She chose to dance around the questions or talk about things that didn’t belong to the questions at all.

She claims that she stands for the honesty, integrity and transparency that she has said over and over again. She has not been an honest representative and has and continues to denounce and lie to the Jewish community about her anti-Semitic message. Recently, she canceled a temple meeting just to make the headlines. She has no remorse for her inappropriate message and has an attitude towards the Laconian Jewish community.

Andrew Hosmer answered questions with respect and honesty and did not shy away from difficult topics. The choice is clear, we must re-elect Andrew Hosmer as Mayor of Laconia, we cannot be represented by an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist like Dawn Johnson. Please join me in voting for Andrew Hosmer, the only choice for the mayor.

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