DieDieBooks Launches to Publish Killer Horror Movie Books


Read it and cry (of joy).

Today marks the official launch of independent press DieDieBooks, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to publish a series of slick collectible books that bring different fans’ perspectives to their favorite horror movies. Created by and for horror fans, each book will focus on a different horror film, with its first series featuring Poltergeist, Threads, The Wolfman, Sleepaway Camp, and The witch of love. Note that the author of this article, Mary Beth McAndrews, publishes a book with this press.

Early books include a deep dive into the Hooper vs. Spielberg debate surrounding Fighting spirit written by author Jacob Trussell, an introduction to the nuclear apocalypse film Son written by nuclear researcher and activist Bob Mielke, an odd perspective on the controversial slasher overnight camp by BJ and Harmony Colangelo, a portrait of Lon Chaney Jr.’s mental anguish during his performance in The werewolf by Philip J Reed, and a love letter to The witch of love written by filmmaker and editor Matt Latham.

The idea for DieDieBooks came from screenwriter Rachel Kempf, who previously worked at a publisher of erotic novels. “I wasn’t a big fan of romance, but I understand the appeal of genre writing because I love horror,” Kempf said. “It’s a genre with incredibly dedicated fans, so we wanted to build our own press and connect with readers who share that love of horror.”

“Horror fans don’t just consume culture, they create it,” said co-founder Nick Toti, a DIY filmmaker, “so we wanted to create a very participatory book series. Some of my horror movies favorite are the ones I’ve seen and thought, “Hey, I could do that. These books are not only fun to read because they draw heavily on the authors’ background and expertise, but they will also hopefully inspire readers to cast off their own horror movie obsessions and add their voices to the conversation.

Toti and Kempf, who are married, recently moved from Los Angeles to rural Missouri to build their horror empire DieDieMedia, a parent company that not only publishes books, but also produces horror movies/documentaries. He will release his first feature film in 2023.

The Kickstarter campaign ends October 31, 2022. To make a contribution or learn more about the project, visit DieDieBooks on Kickstarter.

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