Did Claire cheat on Frank in Outlander? (Books and show)

When Claire first went back in time, she was still married to Frank. Did she cheat on Frank into marrying Jamie in Foreigner ?

There is a lot of debate when it comes to certain topics in the world of Foreigner. One of them is whether Frank cheated on Claire, but what about the other way around? Was Claire having an affair when she married Jamie?

It’s an interesting debate. It is even mentioned in the first Foreigner delivered. Claire wonders if she committed bigamy.

Frank Wasn’t Born When Claire Stepped Back In Time In Outlander

The first time Claire went back in time, she went to a time period 200 years from her own. That would suggest she couldn’t be having an affair. How do you have an affair when the person you married hasn’t even been born yet?

That would be the logical way to look at it. However, we have to look at where Claire’s heart is at the same time. In his heart, he was still alive at that time.

At first, Claire did what she had to do. She had to marry Jamie to stay alive. As a woman in the 18th century, she had no rights. It could still technically be considered business, but she was still trying to get back at Frank, and she was in survival mode at the time.

This started to change when Claire developed feelings for Jamie. She developed feelings of lust at first, but then those feelings turned into love. Claire chose not to return to Frank when she had the chance. She chose to go back to Jamie, and that was the moment for many when she cheated on Frank.

Claire’s heart always belonged to Jamie after that

When Claire returned to her time, her heart was still with Jamie. Although she was physically with Frank, she was not emotionally with him. She had left that marriage when it came to love.

Sure, she still loved Frank, but not like she once did. The love for Jamie was too much.

What did you think of Claire’s actions? Did she cheat on Frank when she was with Jamie? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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