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Singer (Sri Lanka) is well known as a household name for its wide range of consumer essentials, some of which are 100% locally produced using the best possible technology at Singer’s own manufacturing facilities. Singer’s local manufacturing is a well-designed process to address existing market gaps and unveil high-quality products to the local market at reasonable prices. Starting with Singer sewing machines over 6 decades ago, Singer strengthened its local manufacturing and the introduction of refrigerators and washing machines further marked its local manufacturing footprint.

Regnis Lanka, a manufacturing subsidiary of Singer Sri Lanka, is a leading manufacturer of high quality Singer/Sisil refrigerators and washing machines. Established in 1988, the Regnis manufacturing plant was at the height of the latest technologies from the start and introduced models of refrigerators and washing machines to the market at various stages. The manufacturing facility continues to maintain high standards throughout the entire manufacturing process and deploy highly skilled technicians and R&D to constantly innovate to keep up with current consumer trends.

Singer has always set high standards in refrigerator manufacturing. The use of the latest technologies, high quality raw materials and a focus on manufacturing 100% environmentally friendly products are the main attributes of the refrigerator manufacturing process. At a time when there was a lot of debate about CFC chemicals related to refrigerants, Singer became the first company to introduce CFC-free refrigerators in South Asia, which is quite an achievement for Sri Lanka. By strengthening its local manufacturing process, Singer has so far produced more than 1.5 million refrigerators in its three model types: frost-free, direct cooling and inverter. Just like the refrigerator segment, Singer washing machines are a familiar sight in local households and are manufactured in different models such as semi-automatic and fully automatic. Singer has produced more than 0.6 million washing machines over the past decade. The Regnis manufacturing plant meets 45% of the total demand for refrigerators and approximately 33% of the total demand for washing machines in Sri Lanka.

Speaking on their local manufacturing strength, Kelum Kospelawatta, Plant Manager, Regnis Lanka said, “We believe that local manufacturing has the potential to drive the economy of the country forward by contributing to our national economy. We hope to further encourage the local manufacturing process, help small businesses and local manufacturers grow with us. As part of the expansion of local manufacturing, we have taken steps to provide training opportunities and the necessary advice for small business owners and self-employed people who are growing their business. »

Even though Singer has thrived in local manufacturing, it is indeed a complex process that cannot be handled by one company alone. This involves supply chains from various localities, raw material suppliers, technicians for factory operations, distribution and packaging processes, etc. Local manufacturing has not only helped Singer speed up the manufacturing process and bring new products to market, it has also opened up many opportunities for locals to start their own businesses. The manufacturing activity of refrigerators and washing machines alone has generated more than 400 direct and indirect employment opportunities and, in total, about 1,000 families depend on this activity.

Singer identified the potential of local manufacturing to generate employment opportunities and took steps to train small business owners to grow their businesses to fend for themselves. These training facilities have provided business owners with a solid foundation to grow their businesses and ensure a reliable income generating opportunity. The Singer team continues to work closely with local business owners, giving them the guidance and support they need and encouraging more people to start their own businesses. This was greatly appreciated by the entire Singer team and business partners at a time when the country is facing its worst economic crisis, leaving many people out of work. In addition to providing employment opportunities, Singer has been able to produce a highly skilled workforce that contributes to the country’s economy.

On the other hand, Singer is keen on the process of adding local value supported by its innovation-driven approach, which not only ensures a high-quality end product, but also creates more job opportunities for various segments of the society. Regarding the customer benefits of local manufacturing, the cost effectiveness of manufacturing has enabled Singer to introduce products to the local market at reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction, customer benefits, and building lasting customer relationships have been at the forefront of Singer since its inception. Singer continues to embrace new technologies and manufacture high quality products to meet the needs of local consumers while identifying potential export market opportunities.

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