China suspends all tourism activities in Gansu province as COVID cases rise


Amid the surge in COVID cases in China, the government has imposed a ban on all tourism activities in China’s northwestern province of Gansu, local media reported. According to a Global Times report, the Chinese government has asked all tourists to Lanzhou to stay in their respective locations and be quarantined as Gansu province has recorded a spike in COVID -19 infection cases. In one week, the province reported a total of 41 new cases of COVID, including 30 in Lanzhou, seven in Zhangye, two at Jiayu Pass and one in Tianshui, among other areas.

According to a genetic sequencing report, it was revealed that a highly contagious Delta variant caused the sudden spike in COVID -19 cases. Meanwhile, other parts of China, including Beijing, Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi, have also seen an increase in cases caused by the Delta variant. The National Health Commission informed us that on Saturday, October 23, the Chinese mainland recorded 26 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases. A total of 17 new imported cases have been reported, including eight patients from Zhejiang, 4 from Shanghai and one from Beijing, Heilongjiang, Guandong, Guangxi and Yunnan.

Situation of COVID in China

The Chinese government is stepping up measures to combat COVID, such as testing and restricting tourism. This sudden spike prompted health officials in Beijing and other provinces to implement strict COVID measures like quartine, mandatory testing, cancellation of hotel reservations and the use of disinfectants and masks . The country has also tightened interstate air travel as several cities report cases of the Delta variant. During that time, the country has administered more than 2.243 billion covid vaccines.

COVID situation in the rest of the world

The deadly coronavirus is resurfacing again in several countries. Within a week, many countries, including Russia, the United Kingdom, China and several parts of Eastern Europe, saw a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases. According to the report released by the World Health Organization, the highest number of cases were reported in the UK, 283,756 new cases, an increase of 14%. While Russia reported a 15% increase and the number of cases stood at 217,322. The European region saw a 7% increase in COVID cases.

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