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Fast approval via internet loans for bad credit

The best thing is that you contact us via our site. So we can see for you if you can get a loan and for what amount you can borrow money.

The level of income is a very important factor. But there is more than just the monthly amount. We discuss this in the article below. This way you can see what is going on in the assessment of your file.

How much wage or salary?

Borrowing money also means that you must be able to repay the contracted loan. One of the most important elements in the evaluation of your credit application is, therefore, your salary or salary. It is from this income that you repay the lender on a monthly basis. As a general rule, you can borrow up to a third of your income. The level of your wages or salary is therefore important. But there’s more.

Employment prospects

If you take out a loan for a longer period, it is important that you have sufficient income during the entire period. Therefore, you do not only look at what you have earned in the past and what you earn now. The bank also tries to assess how certain you are of your future income.

In order to answer the question ‘can I get a loan‘, the bank will check which sector you work for, how long you have been working and what the prospects are. Two concrete examples:

  • A permanent official with a long service record gives the lender a lot of security. This is a positive element for the credit file.
  • An employee who works with an internship contact or a temporary contract has a lot less security. Who says that he or she is still working at the same employer within a few years? The bank will also see this as a less favorable element when it comes to a nice monthly wage.

Sector of employment

Not only the individual work situation plays a role. The sector and the nature of the job are also taken into consideration. Those who are active in the business sector that is running well and where there are good prospects is to the advantage. For example, it can be an advantage for the worker if you work in the chemical industry. Certain jobs in, for example, the textile industry are under more pressure. For the lender, there is more chance that this last worker will not be able to keep his job during the entire term of the loan.

You notice, there is a lot more to it than just the level of the wage. There are other factors such as the family situation, other current loans, borrowing money with a blacklist, owning a home, possible guarantees through other people who sign up, the possibilities of the credit broker, and so on.

Can I get a loan?

An experienced credit broker can quickly estimate where the strengths and weaknesses are in your file. You want to know ‘Can I get a loan?’ The first step is to find the loan that best suits your personal financial situation.

Refused at the bank – can I get a loan?

You have submitted a loan application but you have been refused at the bank?

There are other options for borrowing money. What is possible and what does not depends of course on your situation, your income and current loans. Can you still get a loan? It is first and foremost important to know why the application was refused. Read all about it in this article.

Nice is of course different. You make a loan application from your own bank or another bank in your area. You look forward to the result. And then you get the bad news: you have been refused at the bank. Does the bank not want to give you a loan but are you not on the black list? Then you can search online for another lender. After all, every lender has his own way of looking at your file. One society may find it too risky to grant you a loan. The other company has a different view of the case and approves your request. It is therefore not because you have been refused at the bank or a particular financial institution that it is therefore completely impossible to get a loan elsewhere.

Refused at the bank – black list

On this website we do not tell you fairy tales. Have you been refused at the bank because you are on the black list? Then you can indeed no longer receive a loan – unless you have a property.
If you are not an owner, you will receive a negative answer from every bank and lender. The blacklist serves to inform the other credit companies that you have or have had payment problems. At the same time you will avoid making more debts.
Have you been refused at the bank but are you the owner? Then there are a limited number of credit providers that can take your dossier into consideration. It is then important to ask yourself whether an extra loan is a solution to your problems. Or does it only lead to more problems?

Where can you go?

Have you been refused at the bank? There are still a limited number of possibilities to get a loan.

Let mortgage loan revise – costs and conditions

More and more people want to have their mortgage loan revised. The interest rates have dropped for a long time.

This put a large number of consumers on the hunt for a cheaper loan for their home.

The requests from customers who have their mortgage loan revised have increased for a long time at the banks. Nevertheless, there was also a large group of consumers who were waiting. These people watched the cat from the tree. Interest rates continued to show a downward trend. Many consumers assumed that the bottom of mortgage interest had not yet been reached.

The financial markets show a number of interest rate increases. These rising interest rates mean that a lot of people are suddenly taking action. Instead of waiting any longer, they contact their bank or credit broker. The mortgage loan to be revised is now high on the agenda.

Let mortgage loan revise

A mortgage loan is a contact between two parties and can therefore be reviewed in mutual consultation. In the case of a loan to a consumer, the rule is clear. You can repay a loan at once if you pay a reinvestment fee. This compensation is limited to three months interest. You pay the outstanding capital plus the interest you would have had to pay in the next three months.

The above rule applies to all credits to consumers. To have a mortgage loan revised whereby you pay back the old loan is also included. However, a mortgage loan must meet many formal requirements and entails additional expenses. A mortgage loan is registered with a mortgage office, becomes past for a civil-law notary and also leads to file costs at the bank.

It is therefore important to weigh the extra costs against the savings in interest. A mortgage loan works with a compound interest so that there are some calculations and formulas to the pass. It is simply not possible to formulate an unambiguous answer via our website. The best option is to visit a specialized broker and submit your file. You immediately know whether your mortgage loan is worth reviewing.

We search every month for the cheapest loans!

Which lender currently offers the lowest interest rate for mortgage loans? Do you want to know what the most advantageous loan is in your situation?

Comparing the interest rate of loans? The best rates.

There are many possibilities for those who want to borrow money . Do you want to compare the interest rate of loans?

People sometimes ask us why the interest rates of different credits are so different from each other.

In this article we will go into more detail on two different and common forms of money: the personal loan and the mortgage mortgage.

Interest rate comparison: personal loan

In this text we will compare the interest rate of loans. The first current form of borrowing is the personal loan. This is also called the loan on payment and has a number of specific characteristics.

  • With a personal loan you get money made available for a very wide purpose. There are personal loans for certain purchases, loans for a trip , urgent costs and expenses.
  • The lender will only approve the file if he has sufficient security. The customer’s history, the income, he owns, blacklist, ..
  • If the borrower remains in default, the bank does not have many guarantees. The money learned can already be spent entirely on consumer goods, a journey or other expenses.
  • The lender therefore runs a higher risk that part of the money can not be recovered. If we compare the interest rate of loans, we see that the personal loan therefore has a higher interest rate than certain other types of credit. The bank guarantees are more limited. The risk and therefore the interest rate are higher.

Interest rate of mortgage loans

On the other side of the spectrum is the mortgage loan. With this loan, the bank or lender has a broad guarantee.

  • A mortgage is taken on the property. This can be the house or apartment of the borrower himself. It is also possible that a third person gives his or her residence as a guarantee. We then think of family or the partner.
  • When we compare the interest rate of loans, we see clearly that a residential loan has a low interest rate compared to an installment loan or personal loan.
  • A mortgage loan for the purchase of a home has a much longer duration. Since the home serves as a guarantee, the lender takes less risk.
  • The interest rate on mortgage loans for the purchase of real estate is therefore much lower.

Comparing the interest rate of loans?

If you are looking for an interesting loan, you will of course compare the interest rate of loans. As an Online Credit Broker we work together with multiple lenders. We have extensive experience with all forms of loans. Even those who already have several loans can contact us. Contact us and we discuss your file with you, discreetly and without obligation.

Cost of the mortgage loan

If you purchase a property, it is financed with a mortgage loan. The interest rate of this loan is very advantageous.

This form of borrowing does entail a number of costs that are specific to this type of loan.

In this article we provide an overview of the specific costs associated with the mortgage loan .

When you start borrowing under the form of a mortgage loan there are two types of costs that play a role. There are the costs charged by the bank or lender. In addition, there are notary fees. Whoever wants to borrow money in Belgium must therefore take into account the costs below.

The cost of the mortgage loan: overview

  • Estimation costs of the bank. With a mortgage loan, the property serves as a guarantee. The lender therefore limits his risk. The lender then obviously wants to know exactly what your house or apartment is worth. An estimator is used for this. The costs of the estimator are borne by the person who enters the loan.
  • File costs of the bank. A mortgage loan is of course a lot more complex than, for example, a personal loan or car loan. The bank has the right to request compensation for the time that is invested in your file.
  • Actual notary fees. A mortgage loan also involves costs for the civil-law notary and his office. After all, legally all kinds of research must be done at official institutions. The latter charge a fee that the notary calculates to you. In addition to a reimbursement of the costs incurred, the notary will also charge you his fee. This fee is legally determined.and depends on the amount of the mortgage loan.
  • Notary fees taxes. Taxes must also be paid on a mortgage loan. These are collected in practice by the notary. This falls under the denominator ‘notary fees’, but actually these are taxes to the tax authorities. The notary transfers the received tax. This concerns registration, mortgage and the right of title. The percentages and costs are legally determined. We give an overview of this in a following article.

Mortgage loan and home bonus from 2015

There was a lot to do in the second half of 2014 about the housing bonus that the government offers to buyers of their own home.

In short: after the formation of government it was decided in 2014 that the subject matter of the housing bonus would become Flemish competence in 2014 instead of federal. It was immediately added that Flanders would reduce the housing bonus from 1 January 2015 in the context of savings.

Many specialists were counting. The financial effects of the adjusted housing bonus are not minus. An average family, two-income households with two children, would purchase about 50,000 euros over a period of 20 years when buying a house with a mortgage loan .

More demand for mortgage loans

Question was therefore what the consequences would be for the real estate market. In the second half of 2014, we were able to identify a great deal of activity. Until December 31, the buyer could still benefit from the old system. This led to more visitors at real estate and credit brokers. Families were asked about the possibilities to purchase a house or apartment. Credit brokers got more interested people on the floor with the same question: “How much can we borrow for a house?”. Not only a new mortgage loan was in demand. There was also more demand for the possibilities to revise a loan . This each time to make maximum use of the old home bonus system.

This increased interest was also translated into more transactions. The number of realized sales and closed mortgage loans was higher than the year before. Notaries are stepping up to complete all files by the end of the year. After all, both the purchase and the mortgage loan had to be fully in order by the end of the year. And so it happened. The complete scenario ran as predicted.

Of course, we also looked forward to the reactions to the new housing bonus. In the real estate sector, sales in 2015 were expected to be considerably lower. After all, many prospects had realized their purchase more quickly in order to be able to enjoy the old home bonus in 2014. At the beginning of 2015 there would therefore be fewer interested parties and therefore less demand for housing.

Mortgages and real estate in 2015

The predictions did not come out in 2015. Strangely enough, the notaries established that the number of homes and land sold in January is at the same level as a year before. An unambiguous explanation for this was not yet immediately to be found. Bart Van Opstal of cited the low interest rate as a possible factor. Because the savings hardly yield anything, consumers look for other possibilities. Investing in real estate can then be a valid alternative. This new group of prospects creates a new demand.

Loan for Appliances

A € 2,000 loan is a common form of financing in Germany. Due to the relatively low loan amount, banks generally do not need any special collateral. At the same time, the monthly burdens due to the credit installments are manageable.

Ideal credit for electrical appliances

When consumers borrow over 2,000 euros, they usually use it for electrical appliances. According to a study by GfK Finanzmarktforschung, which was commissioned by the Bankenfachverband eV in 2015, 12 percent of respondents use installment loans to finance consumer electronics. The € 2,000 loan is therefore used to finance new TVs, computers or sound systems. Usually, this form of credit is not used to pay for jewelry or clothing. Here, consumers usually get a 1,000 Euro loan.

Favorable supplementary loan

The € 2,000 loan is suitable for many citizens to supplement existing loans. For example, it can happen with kitchen financing that the credit line was too tightly calculated. With additional 2,000 euros, this work can then be done. The same applies to renovations at the house or in the apartment.

Good to know: supplementary loan from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau

The supplementary loan is usually a loan from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). With such a loan, homeowners can cheaply finance the conversion to an environmentally friendly heating technology. However, there are special conditions for this loan. So the purpose is prescribed. Similarly, the term of the loan must be between four and ten years. With this loan further programs of the KfW can be combined.

7 tips for the appropriate 2,000 Euro credit

  1. First, compare the prices
    Especially for electronic items, prices can vary significantly. In the segment of 2,000 euros, price differences of up to 300 euros are possible. Use the internet for price comparison. In this way, you can quickly determine the prices at different dealers.
  2. Read reviews
    Find reviews for the products you want on the web. Read the tests carefully. So you can find out if the purchase or the borrowing for the product is worthwhile at all.
  3. Use dealer discounts
    Many traders can negotiate discounts. This applies to both online shops and stationary retailers. Ask before buying for possible discounts and get an offer if possible.
  4. Set up a household bill
    Subtract your monthly expenses from revenue. This way, you know what the maximum installment is possible without having too much financial constraints on a $ 2,000 loan.
  5. Calculate the credit volume
    How many euros do you actually have to take in the form of a loan? Can you still use a little equity to lower the loan amount and thus the monthly burdens? If you finance a new computer for 2,000 euros and can raise 300 euros, the total credit limit is reduced to 1,700 euros. With a 12-month term that is 25 euros less per month without interest.
  6. Think of alternatives
    Do you really need to apply for a loan from the bank? Maybe there is also the possibility to ask relatives or friends for help. As a rule, you would not have to pay any interest and could repay the loan amount in a very flexible way.
  7. Consider actual needs
    If it’s just the purchase of consumer electronics, you should ask yourself if the purchase is really necessary. If the old TV is not broken or the PC is still working, a purchase can be postponed to a later date. Until then, you can save the money you need to buy new.

Step by step to the 2,000 euro credit

So you can find the cheapest 2,000 euros loan online and apply directly:

  1. Compare different providers: Even though the interest charge on a € 2,000 loan is usually relatively low and the term is relatively short, a loan comparison can help save a few euros.
  2. Choose the cheapest provider for you.
  3. Calculate the loan rate based on the desired loan amount on the homepage of the bank.
  4. Conduct a credit check online.
  5. If you get a positive result, you will receive a corresponding offer for your 2,000 euro loan.
  6. Complete the loan application. Then print the application, sign it, and select a post office for the postident legitimacy process. For some banks, you can submit the application online and legitimize yourself directly by videoident.
  7. After the application has been reviewed and approved by the bank, the loan amount will be transferred to your account.

Attention: special requirements for self-employed

If you are self-employed, the bank may require additional salary statements. In this case, a loan application may only be possible on location in a branch. Check in advance whether you as a self-employed person can apply for a € 2,000 loan from this financial institution.

Instant loan or cash payment?

Some banks offer their customers a so-called instant loan. This is a variant of the MRP loan. The borrowers, for example, a € 2,000 instant loan granted. This is the maximum amount available to borrowers without additional application.

The repayment of the instant loan is usually flexible or repayment rates are agreed in advance in the establishment of the instant loan. The installments are due when the loan is taken. Instant loans can usually be requested directly from the house bank and are used by consumers as a possible security to be liquid in an emergency.

Interest rate and maturity: You should note that

When applying for the 2,000 euro loan, note the term and the interest rate. For small loans, the interest rate mainly depends on the creditworthiness of the applicant. The better your credit rating, the lower your interest rates will be. For the term: The longer the term, the more interest you have to pay for your 2,000 euro loan.

It is recommended not to use more than 24 months. In this time, electrical appliances are usually outdated, because there are new versions. The product cycles for electrical appliances are usually half a year. For example, if you buy a TV today, there will be at least one newer version in a year. During this time, the value of your financed device decreases. By choosing a maximum maturity of 24 months you will ensure that the debt burden is not significantly above the market value of the product.

Tip: arrange special repayment

Arrange special repayment options. If, for example, you can expect a larger sum soon, the loan can be repaid faster and you save interest costs. If a higher payment is to be expected, you can also significantly reduce the term of the loan and thus save additional costs. Free special repayments are customary up to 80 percent of the current loan balance.

A loan default or residual debt insurance is offered by many banks to a 2,000 euro loan. You should not take advantage of this offer, as it may make the loan disproportionately expensive. So it is possible, for example, that the remaining debt insurance with a 2,000 euro loan already costs more than 150 euros. Not even the annual interest rates are that high.

No security without credit?

For small loans of 2,000 euros, the banks are more accommodating. Amounts of this amount do not represent a very great risk for banks, such as a construction loan. For this reason, the banks require no additional collateral for a 2,000 euro loan.

Nevertheless, borrowers should have a good credit rating and a steady income to ensure timely repayment of the loan debt.

Good to know: SCHUFA query is standard

For almost every loan request for a € 2,000 loan, the bank will conduct a SCHUFA query. It is the fastest way for them to calculate, in combination with other criteria, a score that determines interest rates on the one hand and lending on the other hand. If borrowers have a negative SCHUFA, a 2,000 euro loan will probably not be granted even if there is a sufficient regular income.

For whom is this loan suitable?

A € 2,000 loan is suitable if an acquisition is urgently needed, but no reserves are available and an overdraft facility has already been exhausted. Before applying for credit, however, consumers should check carefully whether financing is needed or alternatives such as a personal loan can be used.

Due to the short duration, the small loan amount and the associated low interest burden, the 2,000 euro loan is also suitable for supplementary loans for renovations or renovations in the home.

Attention: reduce loans

Before concluding the loan, be aware that you are not using too much consumer credit. In the worst case, you lose track of your current liabilities and you can face financial bottlenecks that lead to a debt trap.