Loan online with bad credit -Fast approval via internet loans for bad credit

Fast approval via internet loans for bad credit

The best thing is that you contact us via our site. So we can see for you if you can get a loan and for what amount you can borrow money.

The level of income is a very important factor. But there is more than just the monthly amount. We discuss this in the article below. This way you can see what is going on in the assessment of your file.

How much wage or salary?

Borrowing money also means that you must be able to repay the contracted loan. One of the most important elements in the evaluation of your credit application is, therefore, your salary or salary. It is from this income that you repay the lender on a monthly basis. As a general rule, you can borrow up to a third of your income. The level of your wages or salary is therefore important. But there’s more.

Employment prospects

If you take out a loan for a longer period, it is important that you have sufficient income during the entire period. Therefore, you do not only look at what you have earned in the past and what you earn now. The bank also tries to assess how certain you are of your future income.

In order to answer the question ‘can I get a loan‘, the bank will check which sector you work for, how long you have been working and what the prospects are. Two concrete examples:

  • A permanent official with a long service record gives the lender a lot of security. This is a positive element for the credit file.
  • An employee who works with an internship contact or a temporary contract has a lot less security. Who says that he or she is still working at the same employer within a few years? The bank will also see this as a less favorable element when it comes to a nice monthly wage.

Sector of employment

Not only the individual work situation plays a role. The sector and the nature of the job are also taken into consideration. Those who are active in the business sector that is running well and where there are good prospects is to the advantage. For example, it can be an advantage for the worker if you work in the chemical industry. Certain jobs in, for example, the textile industry are under more pressure. For the lender, there is more chance that this last worker will not be able to keep his job during the entire term of the loan.

You notice, there is a lot more to it than just the level of the wage. There are other factors such as the family situation, other current loans, borrowing money with a blacklist, owning a home, possible guarantees through other people who sign up, the possibilities of the credit broker, and so on.

Can I get a loan?

An experienced credit broker can quickly estimate where the strengths and weaknesses are in your file. You want to know ‘Can I get a loan?’ The first step is to find the loan that best suits your personal financial situation.