Campaign claims use of plexiglass in debate shows ‘bias’ against Trump

In a wrecked interview, Trump campaign national press secretary Hogan Gidley gave little information on his candidate’s preparations for debate for Thursday night’s event, but shared his thoughts on the well-known liberal bias of plexiglass.

After refusing to answer simple, basic questions before MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson debate – as the prep chair did and, if so, with whom – the host moved on and asked questions. questions about some of the differences that the second debate will present.

Asked about the plexiglass dividers that have already been installed at the debate venue at Belmont University in Nashville, Gidley turned the security measure into a partisan plot to make the president look bad.

Host Hallie Jackson:
Let me ask you a few more debate pieces here, the plexiglass that was installed on stage, as we saw from inside the debate room. Is the campaign comfortable with this? Are you going to allow it to stay?

Trump campaign national press secretary Hogan Gidley:
It is my understanding that will remain. It is not surprising, however. I mean, this commission is completely one-sided.

Jackson interrupted Gidley’s absurd claim and pointed out that plexiglass was put in place because of the pandemic and that muted microphones would be used due to Trump’s constant interruption since the first debate. Jackson then asked, “What’s the matter? “

But Gidley was not there to answer questions, his intention to use the pre-debate TV spot to strike out against Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden, was clear from the start.

Jackson urged the secretary that Trump respect the mute button, asking if the president would talk about Biden anyway.

Gidley would not commit to the president playing by the rules, citing Trump’s “style” of not doing so is what made him successful.

Again, Jackson interrupted Gidley’s obstructionist response, asking, “Please come back to the debate. Concentrate on that for me. Will the chair allow a conversation to take place rather than what we saw the last time? “

Gidley went back to plexiglass saying, “No matter what glass, it can’t let Joe Biden hide from his file, and neither can a mute button.”

Gidley’s transparent bullshit ran throughout the interview and ultimately caused Jackson to cut it short.

Jackson called Gidley for spreading lies about voter fraud when Gidley refused to answer if Trump trusted his FBI director, who said there was no evidence of a widespread problem with vote. At this point, Jackson interrupted the interview by saying, “No, okay, I guess you’re not going to answer that question then… We’re going to leave it at that.”

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