Borrow money for a trip – the holiday loan

We all have the need to take a break. A while away to recharge the batteries properly.

You come back reborn and you are ready to fly back in again. Sometimes your budget does not want to come along. Did you know that many people borrow money for a trip? This is then what we call a holiday loan or travel loan.

It sometimes happens that an attractive excursion suddenly appears. Ask friends or family if you do not feel like going on holiday with them. Or you get the chance to benefit from a nice last minute offer. It is more than annoying when you have to put the travel offer aside.

Borrowing money for a trip can be a possible solution. This so-called holiday loan was created for this purpose.

You must be able to travel when it fits into your agenda. If your wallet is temporarily struggling, you can contact a credit broker. They discuss with you the possibilities to take out a loan for a weekend trip, a short trip or even a longer holiday.

Borrow money for a trip – without hassle

Customers sometimes think that a holiday loan is nothing for them. They think that there is a lot of looping and paperwork to suit. You have to come up with quotes from travel agencies or campsites, you have to clearly indicate in advance to which destination you want to go, and so on. This is not the case at all. Borrowing money for a trip can easily be arranged via the website.

Most holiday loans are simply requested online . You can request a holiday loan via our website without much hassle. You contact us first via our form. We mail or call you and discuss the possibilities. Then the credit is requested – for that we need the income data and identity data. When the holiday credit is approved, the money is transferred.

For which trip can you borrow?

You can borrow money for any kind of vacation. You do not need to pass a travel agency. Some examples for which this loan can be used:

  • Weekend trip or city trip
  • Fly holiday to the sun
  • Last minute trip
  • Skiing holiday
  • All-in travel formula
  • Booking a campsite
  • Rent a caravan or a mobile home
  • Rent a motorhome
  • A stay on the coast or in the Ardennes.

Your travel loan quickly arranged

The holiday loan is therefore a formula made for those who want to get away from it and do not have the budget at the moment. Do you want to borrow money for a trip?