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Do you feel the lack of The Great British Bake Off in your life? Or maybe you need a comfortable new hobby now that the darkness and cold of winter has really set in.

Well, step away from the dark window (or yet another cabinet) and head over to the flour and rolling pin. Delicious sweet and savory treats await you.

But now comes the real debate: what to cook first? And what’s more, how can you avoid bread that kill ducks or disappointing soggy bottoms?

Never scared! No matter what may tickle your taste buds, we have a range of the best pastry books for you.

From a mind-boggling array of cookie scones to cookie scones so perfectly iced you’ll be reluctant to eat them, these books will take you on a culinary adventure.

Don’t just mix sugar and salt.

Jane’s Patisserie: Deliciously customizable cakes, pastries and treats

Jane’s pastry

If you’re looking for easy-to-follow recipes for seemingly all baked goods in the sun, look no further than Jane’s Patisserie. Some of Jane Dunn’s recipes might be familiar to you if you’re one of her 816,000 Instagram followers or turn to her blog to drool over cakes.

Well, it’s time for fans to have some fun, here she’s put together a collection of her quick, easy-to-follow guides to doing everything from white chocolate biscotti to sticky caramel pecan rolls. I tried his chocolate malt fudge recipe and it’s the definition of minimum effort, maximum reward in the best possible way. Who wouldn’t love a combination of Maltesers and chocolate fondant? I certainly couldn’t resist.

Dunn’s Cookbook gives a budding baker a number of recipes to try out in a clear and concise manner. Her tips and suggestions on how to personalize a pastry are a welcome addition.

Breaditation: De-stress by Making Bread by Manuel Monade with Caroline Harrison

Manuel Monade and Caroline Harrison

If, like me, you’ve often found that baking bread included more than “oh!” moments than the actual dough, then your frustration is about to end.

Breaditation brings together recipes for ciabatta, English muffins and cinnamon rolls with meditation. This combination of activities is not all that makes this book unique, however. It doesn’t just come from professional baker Manuel Monade, Bread Ahead Bakery and School – and formerly from St John’s Restaurant in Smithfield and Flour Power City Bakery, but also from Caroline Harrison, therapist and mental health nurse. . The whole basis of their book is taking the process of making a loaf of bread and using it to find peace.

Monad devotes a long section to the basics of breadmaking to avoid disaster right off the bat, then provides 22 step-by-step recipes to take the stress out of baking and instill some calm. If you want an in-depth and relaxing approach to baking, then this is the book for you.

Sally’s Baking Addiction: Biscuits, cupcakes and irresistible desserts for your sweet tooth by Sally McKenney

Sally McKenney

Among other delicacies, Sally’s Baking Addiction has the best cookie recipe I have ever tried. This book is worth buying just for that bite of heaven, but it’s packed with a myriad of other baking masterpieces. Sally McKenney’s recipes will give you the perfect vanilla cake with strawberry whipped cream every time. No need to go to M&S before any WI cake contest with this guide in tow.

From delicious basics to more complex confections, this hobbyist-friendly cookbook will appeal to budding bakers without any patronizing explanations or alienating jargon. An American baker and blogger, McKenney’s recipes are often accompanied by a very American approach; don’t miss his old-fashioned caramel monster corn munch and marshmallow swirl s’mores fudge.

If you don’t already have one, I’ll take measuring cups – they are really very useful and will save you a lot of time measuring flour and sugar. If you prefer to stick to the scale, the ingredients are listed by weight as well as cups. My personal highlights were the rainbow chocolate chip cookies and the sunshine lemon cupcakes (and my friends were fans too).

A Bake for All Seasons by Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith & The Bakers Great British Bake Off 2021


While butterfly cupcakes are delicious all year round, nothing says fall like apple cake and spring like passion fruit soufflé.

Including a handy guide to seasonal fruits and vegetables at the start, this cookbook walks you through recipes suitable for spring, summer, fall or winter. They all look absolutely mouth-watering – I can’t wait for the days to get longer and warm again to try my hand at the peach bellini cake.

More good news ! If you’ve watched the final season of Bake Off and found yourself salivating at the sight of Jürgen’s Pear and Chocolate Charlotte or Chigs Mango Coconut Upside Down Cake, then now is the time to come. came to grab a wooden spoon and bring some of that tent magic into your own kitchen (without helpful comments from Noel and Matt, though). If all that wasn’t enough, head back to the back pages to see photos of all the delicious recipes to inspire your undecided soul.

Gail’s Artisan Bakery Cookbook by Roy Levy with Gail Mejia

Roy Levy and Gail Mejia

Tired of sourdough but can’t stand the strange tastelessness of pre-sliced ​​supermarket bread? Don’t let the containment fad stop you from exploring the tastier side of baking. Just think of that evocative yeasty smell when you start making your dough.

Gail’s will likely be a familiar sight with each bakery branch in a distinctive white building with a bright red awning. If you want to take home some of her delicious baked goods without ordering take out, her book, Gail’s Artisan Bakery Cookbook, will show you more types of bread than you might think, then take it a step further with fabulous recipes. to better enjoy your cooling bread with. The shakshuka is a Sunday brunch winner for me.

It starts with a guide explaining important techniques such as how to knead with helpful step-by-step pictures, a few basic recipes including Gail’s ketchup, then goes to the heart of the dough with recipes for breads, pastries, cakes and cookies.

Separated into categories for all meals, it also provides guides to fabulous dishes such as Welsh rarebit with smoked mackerel as well as nesting eggs with wilted greens. If you want a cookbook that combines pastries with tea, then this is the one for you.

From Daily Pastries to Showstopper Cakes by Mich Turner

Michel turner

Mitch Turner, nicknamed the queen of couture cakes, is back with a new book to defend her title. The Little Venice Cake Company Founder’s Cookbook is a collection of Pinterest-worthy pastries designed to take your baking game to a whole new level. Divided into four categories, these are the celebratory offerings that take the cake for me.

Mothers Sunday Mango Passion Fruit Cake is a sight to see while Chocolate Fudge Cake seems like a great option for any type of event. Turner suggests garnishing the cake with strawberries for a decadent Valentine’s treat, or describing it with Oreos to fulfill any chocolate addict’s birthday wishes.

However, not limited to special occasions, this baking book also touches on everyday options such as the humble cupcake and makes it a feast for the eyes as well. Pig and sheep cupcakes are a winning combination of simplicity to make for a bluffing effect. If Turner’s cakes are fabulous enough to make Her Maj and Madge fans, then I’m sure they’ll win over the rest of us too.

Biscuiteers Book of Iced Gifts by Biscuiteers Baking Company


If you think you know your custard from your garibaldi, maybe it’s time to work on your presentation. While there’s nothing wrong with a drizzle of lemon icing on a cookie, Biscuit Makers of London take it up a notch or 10. So why should you sit down and pay attention to a book devoted to the craft of exquisite icing?

Not only do the Biscuiteers have iced cafes in Notting Hill and Battersea, and their products are stocked at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, but they’ve also worked with Disney and Christian Dior to create bespoke cookies. This book will take your cookies to the next level of perfection with tips on frosting recipes, techniques, and designs.

What are you waiting for? Prepare royal icing and take the pastry bags; these Fabergé Easter eggs will not decorate themselves.

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