Bear Creek scores first playoff victory since 2014

Bear Creek defeats Windsor in playoff game at Jeffco Stadium


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Bears win trip to face No.3 Pine Creek in round of 16

LAKEWOOD – Bear Creek’s football program tasted a playoff victory for the first time in seven years Saturday afternoon at Jeffco Stadium.

The No. 14 seeded Bears defeated No. 19 Windsor 24-7 to claim Bear Creek’s first playoff win on the grill since 2014.

“It’s awesome. You can see it with these guys. They’re so excited,” Bear Creek coach Matt Steinfeldt said after receiving an ice bucket shower from the players as the final bell ringed. “They know what our history has been. They know the cornerstone they have put in place for our program.”

The Bears (record 8-3) will now travel to Colorado Springs next week to face No.3 Pine Creek (8-2) in the round of 16. State tournament class 4A with 24 teams.

“No one is going to expect us to win,” said Bear Creek senior Ryan Segovia of the Pine Creek Generating Station. “I think we’re going to go out there and play our best ball. If our best ball is good enough for a win or if we lose, we’ll be happy.

Segovia and his senior colleague Caleb Sauseda were instrumental in the Bears’ hasty attack that saw Bear Creek generate long scores of 15, 12 and 12 games to open a 17-7 lead at the end of the third. quarter.

Windsor (4-7) had a good opening practice to start the second half, but Bear Creek had a huge save on a 4-6 play from the Bears 36-yard line. Wizards running back Jaden Thomas was stopped before the first down to give the ball to the Bears.

It looked like Bear Creek would have to fend the ball off, but senior quarterback Jaedon Minter had a massive 9-yard run on a third and long play to keep the drive alive.

“If I don’t see anyone opening, I just have to do my best and be a playmaker,” Minter said of his running ability that has burned the Wizards on several occasions. “If I see the marker on the first try, I just need to get it.”

Minter ended the 12-game scoring campaign with an 18-yard touchdown pass to junior Aaron Nash to open a 17-7 lead.

“We tried to convince Jaedon that he is the runner that we know he is,” said Steinfeldt. “It was the difference with him that prolonged some of those third down situations. It developed his self-confidence as a runner.

Minter’s feet established the final score of the match. The senior ran 9- and 28-yard runs on back-to-back plays to bring the Bears inside the 10-yard line. Sauseda finished the run with a 4 yard touchdown.

Bear Creek’s defense came out in the dying minutes to force Windsor to return the ball to the downs with less than two minutes to go. It was actually the second meeting of the season between the Wizards and the Bears. Bear Creek won a 24-14 victory in Windsor on September 24.

“We knew playing them at the start of the season was a hell of a rider team,” said Segovia, who plays in defense and in the semi-finals. “We knew they were going to hammer the boulder and we were ready for it. We knew how to resist and when it mattered, we stopped them. “

Bear Creek got exactly what it wanted when it opened. The Bears amassed 80 yards in 15 games. Segovia finished the race with a one-yard touchdown run to give the Bears a 7-0 lead with 7:05 left in the first quarter.

Windsor would respond by taking advantage of a failed Bear Creek punt attempt. The Wizards took over on the Bears’ 30-yard line and scored in the opening play of the second quarter with a 24-yard touchdown pass from senior Adam Lieber to junior David Hageman to tie the game at 7-7.

Bear Creek regained the lead late in the second quarter with a 31-yard field goal by senior AJ Garcia to give Bear a 10-7 lead at halftime.

“The coaches told us we are a second half team and we need to step up,” Minter said of the discussion in the locker room at half time.

No matter what happens in Colorado Springs in the round of 16, Bear Creek’s 2021 season is one for the history books.

“We worked so hard. We believe in ourselves when no one else has, ”Segovia said. ” We did it. I want to thank our coaches and the new staff. The senior class of 2022 really brought that together.

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