BC Speech and Debate Shows Improvement

Butte Central’s speech and debate team continues to improve as the Maroons head to the State Tournament at Corvallis in January.

The Speaking Maroons traveled to East Helena High School on November 20 to face 16 teams that brought together 155 competitors in various events. Team captain and letter-of-return winner Hallie Kellicut led the way, earning her second final appearance this year in Memorized Public Address.

In Memorized Public Address, or MPA, the contestants deliver an oratorical speech that was performed in front of an audience and an analysis of that piece. Competitors are assessed on balance, voice quality, ease of gesture, enunciation, and analytical efficiency. Hallie’s play, an inaugural speech presented at Barack Obama’s second inauguration, received praise from his judges. Hallie placed fifth overall in that competition, scoring the best result for a brown speaker this year.

The improvised talk group continues to improve. In this event, contestants are given a quote or cartoon to trigger an “improvised” speech. Competitors have three minutes to prepare an analysis, then five minutes to present the speech. Ethan Andersch was the Maroons’ top player, narrowly missing the final round by one point.

Speech events are similar to golf; the competitors who obtain the lowest score advance. Ethan, with a total score of 13 points, missed the threshold of 12 points needed to qualify for the final of this competition. The competition was tight; only eight points separated the first from eighth place. Eight competitors advance to the finals in each event.

William McAnutly, a freshman competing in his first competition, promises to be a very talented speaker as he advances into the impromptu season. Michael Peck, another freshman, will round out the trio of impromptu speakers when he joins the squad for their first meeting this Saturday in Livingston.

Michael Hand, The Lincoln Douglas Debate of Butte Central continues to weave its way through argument, rebuttal and cross-examination, Mike continues to learn from veterans and state champions with every encounter.

The team will travel to Livingston on Saturday to participate in the Park High Invitational competition.

– Story submitted by BC coach Kevin Edgar

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