Bad lip-reading: presidential debate with President Trump and Joe Biden

Election season is (hopefully) almost over. Whether you’re one of the millions who have already voted or planning to make it next week, you’ve almost reached the finish line. Or, at least you’ve reached the finish line which is before the next finish line and the next.

To get to the end of the electoral season, we must finally see the presidential debates end happily. There was less this time around, but you actually have one more that you can watch, and you might want to. Bad Lip Reading did his version of the Donald Trump and Joe Biden debates, and he certainly has a different feel. However, he still has a slew of loose non-sequiturs and cringe-worthy moments.

The series, for anyone new to its inanity, is exactly what it looks like. It takes major events – the royal wedding, Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, the State of the Union – and removes the audio. The creators lip-read and redouble the video with a flood of seemingly random and absurd dialogue.

A series of lines of actual debate over the Bad Lip Reading version could make an online quiz difficult. Still, it’s clear which one was the most fun to watch.

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