Alpheus aims to mend broken hearts and spark love with his books

POLOKWANE – Young author Alpheus Masoga of Seshego aims to strengthen love in relationships with his books titled Love Trail, Light of Affection and Awoke.

Her goal with the books is to mend broken hearts and spark love. Today his book is selling well in town where he has positioned himself on the side of the streets of the CBD. He tells BONUS that many lovers buy his books to mend their broken relationships, learn how to salvage their falling apart relationships, and solve their problems.

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Alpheus’ passion for debate and argument deepened instead and he is now the self-published author of three books.

“A lot of people ask me for relationship advice and writing has become natural for me. My writing journey started in 2017 when I posted advice on love and relationships. Those posts went viral and c That’s when I started trending,” he said.

His advice is very therapeutic for those who have experienced pain and heals those who have relationship problems. “I consider relationship topics to be one of the hardest topics to talk about,” he said.

Her book Light of Affection explains how to treat a woman you love and how to live happily together. Love Trail is about building healthy relationships and maintaining the intersection of things and the third book called Awoke is a special book about God and healing.

“This book is a divine saint that lifts people out of depression and suicidal thoughts and heals them from their pain and how easily they feel closer to God when they read it,” he said.

A few months ago, Alpheus was a relationship coach and heart-solving counselor on a local radio station. “I ended up channeling my energy into writing expressing my thoughts on a piece of paper, and I chose to focus more on the writing than on the radio. I felt that was where I belonged,” he said.

He urges young writers to stop wasting time and put pen to paper. “Put your mind and thoughts on paper, express your inner feelings and share your life experience with the world, you never know, you might also become a published author,” he said.

His book costs R200. To obtain a copy, contact him on 060 951 8675.

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