Accounts Credit


When you are in trouble with time, the option of paying off your money sounds more than good. Many people take advantage of this fix, as evidenced by the various leaflets in the mailboxes, the most favorable options from tram stations and the borrowings from lighting poles. But lending money that way, whether or not we wanted it had consequences. The possibilities for fraud are endless because money is borrowed without any written trace.

If there is no contract, both parties can say whatever they want about the terms of the loan. The one who borrowed the money can claim that it is a larger sum of money, and the one who lent it may claim that the money has already been paid back.

The options are endless and can cause a whole host of problems. It’s best to avoid such things and stick to the one “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The gray market is booming with the advent of credit houses, but there is a list of legitimate credit houses that can be checked on the Good Finance Bank’s website.

Account Credit: Security gives a written clue


It is best to borrow money through a bank, savings bank or credit institution licensed to work in Croatia. It is advisable to take out loans through your account as this leaves a written record of the terms of the loan. All the above institutions operate exclusively by signing contracts and paying money through a checking account.

The most popular credits through accounts are cash loans


Cash loans with accounts that require minimal documentation are most popular, and an application for it can be requested online. These are usually smaller amounts of money that do not pose too much risk to banks or credit institutions. Money is paid out as soon as possible, and the advantage is that it is a small amount that the customer can pay back quickly. This also means that if he needs the money again, he can again take out loans through his account.

Loans through accounts are also taken to close debts. Most often they are about closing down the minus which is the most popular way of borrowing. Equally, credit through accounts helps with unforeseen situations where you need money urgently to repair your home or car repairs.

Account Credits: Options with no boundaries


Account credit is suitable for all generations. They are intended for anyone who has a decent income and who regularly settles their debts. This means that they can be asked by young people who want to cover their school costs, retirees who are insufficient for out-of-pocket pensions and workers who want to afford something that exceeds their home budget.

The banks are much more rigorous in meeting the requirements than credit houses and are looking for more paperwork while credit houses have minimized documentation and facilitated the process. It is necessary to submit a copy of the ID card and current account card, and if it is a larger amount then a payroll or pension list should be attached. Most importantly, the current account is not blocked or protected.

Loans through accounts are paid off as soon as possible, no longer than 24 hours, at least when it comes to a credit house. Banks have accelerated their process, but most still take longer than credit houses because their business is still not fully digitized.