A problem with overdue books at the library, school board meetings, a Northport show and more

How to solve the problem of overdue books at the library

This is what the world has come to – people get so lazy and irresponsible that they don’t return the books the library is kind enough to lend for free and, worse yet, don’t want to pay the late fees they they incur – if they bring back the book at all [“Libraries rethinking fees,” News, Oct. 11].

Do you know how to fix this problem? Start a new library card program in which a family has to register a credit or debit card when parents get library cards for themselves or their children. If they don’t return the books on time, they are charged the correct amount when they do.

After 30 days of delay, they are charged the price of the book and can keep it. This way the library can get reimbursed for missing books.

Maybe people will become less lazy and more responsible. It is pathetic that this is how parents teach their children today.

– Richard Koch, Copiague

Maybe I’m just old, or maybe my opinion is influenced by the fact that I had a part-time library job in high school and was a page in the New York public library system. , but eliminating late fees for library items not returned on time eliminates something much more important: personal liability. I’m sure if the latecomers had a rental car they would find a way to get it back on time.

Libraries have drop-off locations so items can be returned even if the building is closed. And what about the disrespect it shows towards other library users who would like the book you find too heavy to return to be returned to you? Sorry, but imposing financial penalties is fine with me.

– Arthur M. Shatz, Oakland Gardens

Parents have the right to express their disapproval

Parents are threatened for speaking out and expressing their dissatisfaction with certain decisions of the school board [“School board fights drown healthy debate,” Opinion, Oct. 8]. Parents pay school taxes and vote for candidates for office on school boards. The elected representatives represent all the families of the district. They work for us, not the other way around. Parents have the right to express their disapproval of council decisions. School boards should outline the programs they are considering before incorporating them into the curriculum.

– Charles Goldberg, Wantagh

The Northport Show Should Have Continued

The John W. Engeman Theater shouldn’t have canceled any performances of “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” because a single racist on the street said something hurtful to an actor in the show one block from the theater after a morning [“Racist incident outside theater,” News, Oct. 12]. There is no difference in this outrage if the same person said the same thing to anyone in the street, actor in a series or not.

Canceling the show and depriving the audience of entertainment in these difficult times, or the actors refusing to perform, sends the wrong message to the racists. It gives them power, the opposite of what should be happening. The show must always go on.

– Michael Hertz, Woodbury

Rich, Guilty Dads Could Help Other Students

While wealthy parents Gamal Abdelaziz and John Wilson, convicted of fraud and bribery for attempting to buy their children’s way into colleges as athletic recruits, were forced to pay a full four-year scholarship for a student deserving in addition to legal fines, cheating would have at least some positive results [“2 dads convicted in college bribery scandal,” News, Oct. 9].

– Virginia Brindisi, Saint-Jacques

Irving of the Nets is not an irreplaceable player

I agree with a reader on Brooklyn Nets goalie Kyrie Irving [“Stop vax charade of hiding player status,” Letters, Oct. 12].

Why should Irving be given special privileges? Is he so totally irreplaceable? Is he the greatest of all time? I do not think so. I’m sure another player can take his place – maybe someone who is vaccinated and therefore cares about protecting himself and his teammates.

– Robin Deissler, Merrick

If Kyrie Irving really wants to be a “voice for the voiceless,” he should donate the salary he receives for not playing this season to help those who have lost their jobs due to vaccination warrants.

By not doing it and standing up for his beliefs, he’s just pocketing half of his salary (for road games) for doing nothing.

– Lew Cohen, Roslyn Heights

Gruden was in the wrong business

Former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden is a racist [“Gruden knew he couldn’t remain as Raiders coach,” Sports, Oct. 13]? A misogynist? A homophobe?

In this case, he has a future as a hip-hop rapper.

– John Fallon, Kings Park

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