9 unpopular opinions about the X-Men comics

Storm has been a mainstay of Marvel Comics for decades and a vital member of the X-Men, Avengers, and the Wakandan Royal Family. The character is of course one of the most powerful that exists in the source material, but fans have a variety of unpopular opinions regarding Storm.

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Whether based on certain eras of his appearances, different narratives involving the hero, his real power, or perhaps around certain writers who took Storm in a new direction, these unpopular views are sure to create debate among Marvel fans and those who rightfully adore the powerful character.


Lifedeath was the last true bow

Lifedeath with Storm in Marvel Comics

The Dead life The story of Chris Claremont and Barry Windsor-Smith is one of the most memorable arcs involving Storm of the 1980s. Indeed, magicisafoot noted that it is “a fairly stand-alone book,” which focuses on a weakened Ororo Monroe.

It’s certainly not controversial to recommend this epic read, but t_huddleston went further, suggesting that “she has honestly never been treated so well since.” Dead life is a magical read, but it’s definitely unpopular to say Storm was abused after that, given some of the leading roles she played as part of the X-Men and as the head of Wakanda with Black Panther. .

Does not function as a solo character

marvel storm comics

Monroe has been used extensively as part of an ensemble, that’s quite true. She is an excellent team player but also a valuable leader, having faced the X-Men on numerous occasions. Despite this, Storm also boasted of a few notable solo races.

However, JaffyJayne claims that “Storm is quite strange as she rarely works as a solo star,” although they go on to mention how she stands out among the X-Men group. This is certainly unpopular however; as recently as 2015, Storm entered into a solo title that was well regarded. As it turns out, the character is also a staunch friend and partner of the X-Men and performs well in a team dynamic.

A boring relationship

Black Panther and Storm stand together

In recent years, Storm has stepped into a new role as the leader of Wakanda, thanks to her marriage to Black Panther. Monroe appears content with the power she has taken on, despite the responsibility, but an unpopular opinion suggests the tale was boring at best.

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bundlethis said that they “avoided everything after reestablishing her in a relationship with Black Panther,” because all of it irritated them. They also noted that Dead life is a fantastic arc, so maybe the point is that T’Challa is taking Storm’s attention away. It can be said that the pair complement each other perfectly and that many fans see the benefit together as a powerful couple in the Marvel Universe.

The Claremont era has lasted too long

The X-Men in the Claremont era

It is well established that the Claremont era of the X-Men, which ran from 1975 to 1991, was hugely successful. It is part of the Astonishing era and indeed included stories like Dead life. It was a booming time for Storm, where some of the character’s best moments took place.

Formerly Mevansuto recommends reading Claremont’s entire run, but notes that it is “maybe longer than ideal”. Many would consider it not long enough given the writer’s success in continuing to change the status quo, without the formula becoming obsolete. Either way, the Redditor mentioned that the great character work continues after this, which cannot be denied, especially when it comes to Ororo.

Cockrum costume is the best design

X-Men artwork by Dave Cockrum

Storm has had so many looks over the years. No matter which one is chosen as the final costume, there will surely be someone voicing another equally unpopular opinion. From her modern clothes to her Mohawk look, every design has come to define this era of the character.

One Reddit user boldly claimed that “visually and as a character, the Cockrum (70s Dave) version was hands down the best.” The costume is said to have remained second to none. It’s definitely an iconic concept for Storm, but will all fans agree that no other option has come close?

Fall of the storm

Although the opinion was previously expressed that no bow was quite up to par Dead life after the story was concluded, mogwenb went even further. They claim that “Storm’s downfall began with Claremont’s departure in 1992. I remember the episodes of Byrne / Portaccio with her” General Storm “look designed by Lee, the costume from the ’90s animated series. She had the cold air, emotionless. don’t recognize her! “

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So many have fond memories of Storm’s designs in both the animated series and the comics afterwards, both in its visualization and characterization. She’s only grown in popularity ever since, and it’s certainly doing all the hard work of Marvel writers and artists a disservice to suggest that the character has reached her nadir.

The storm is under control

It is a criticism that is directed at anyone with remarkable abilities. Many readers suggest that some heroes are far too powerful, and unfortunately this tilts especially in favor of female characters who have received gifts of great strength. User JaxJyls, however, made a comparison to relate to his case.

They say they “disagree with people who say Superman is overkill and boring and wonder why the X-Men’s Storm doesn’t have the same reputation.” They then note his impressive strengths and very few weaknesses. But as others have pointed out, Storm has the same weaknesses as any human. She is not a goddess despite her appearance and can be taken down in the same manner as other members of her team. It is well known that Ororo suffers from acute claustrophobia and is often portrayed as a strong but vulnerable character.

Cyclops is a better leader

Cyclops has a little trouble, but in the end the character has made too many mistakes. There are redeeming qualities there, but as the leader of the X-Men he might be a strategist, but is he really better than Storm? This is what many fans believe.

One Reddit user said Cyclops is more experienced because he “has faced the worst threats the mutant genre has ever encountered and has done a great job with it.” EKRB7 agreed, saying she is more of a teacher than a leader. But it’s clear that Monroe is adaptable, able to take on the challenge and it’s those calm, balanced qualities that come with being a teacher that allow her to get the most out of her team.

Storm didn’t help the Morlocks

The debate could rage over Cyclops vs. Storm in terms of leadership, but outside of the X-Men, it’s hard to argue that she hasn’t been competent in her roles, including in Wakanda. Still, wataru14 notes that she actually failed at the Morlocks.

They say, “She really didn’t do the Morlocks a favor. She became their ‘boss,’ then immediately delegated the day-to-day management of things to Callisto and fled to the surface without looking back. The character had to. however balancing several missions and respecting the Morlocks’ need to remain hidden from society.At the end of the day, delegation is a great sign of leadership and Ororo has managed to keep his culture and traditions intact, which is so important when he is seated at the head of the table.

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